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9 investment influencers you should followHow to build better money habits today to ensure your futureShould I invest in cryptocurrency?Should I be investing in bonds?One in four older adults say keeping money secrets is worse than a physical affairThe biggest money-related surprises when you get divorcedThe cost of a haircut in every country13 household items that might actually be worth somethingWhat is a 401(K) plan and how does it work?How much you’d have to make to be in the top 1% in each stateWays to improve your finances with your smartphoneThe powerful secret of highly successful peopleHere’s the average debt for every generation (the hardest hit may surprise you)How to negotiate your way to a richer lifeHow to get more happiness from the money you already haveHow to start earning passive income in 7 days or lessYou’ll live longer if you’re rich at this ageNine psychological tricks to quietly make more moneyCan buying ethereum make you rich?How to own your worth and double your income in a monthThese are the 25 highest-paid hedge fund managers3 top AI stocks to buy right now5 underrated career moves that can increase your earning potential6 tips for family travel on points and milesSmart money podcast: Job scams and maxing out a Roth IRAYou are not going to retire like your parents. Are you ready to take care of your ‘old man’?How greenwashing may be affecting your investmentsAfford the summer of your dreams by building a budgetHotels experiment with a la carte fees — would you pay $25 extra to use the pool?Get ready: Student loan payments come back for real Feb. 1This is the average salary of Harvard Business School gradsMaking too much money may be ruining your love lifeThis is what the average Yale business school graduate earns as a base salaryScience has identified how much more beautiful people make compared to everyone elseThis is what the average Columbia Business School graduate makes when they graduateCEOs got paid 351 times what typical workers made in 2020These are the 25 highest-paid athletes in 2021Survey says: Retirees wish they’d saved more. Will you be in the same boat?A garden’s lessons for growing your moneyHow to have a retirement worth saving forThe 4 habits that don’t let you save moneyWe deserve a better credit reporting systemIt’s the worst time to buy a car — But what if you have to?Smart strategies for fighting back against inflationWhy a cash-back credit card is a good place to startAre state interest-rate caps an automatic win for borrowers?Wells Fargo ends personal lines of credit: What it means for consumersAre you part of the middle class? This calculator can tell youNeobanking: What it is and how it could save you moneyHow these 3 entrepreneurs made their first dollar online (and you can too)Financial vital signs to monitor right nowCash or digital? The surprising generational divideSteve Ballmer just joined the $100 billion club. Here are his career hits and missesSmart Money Podcast: Midyear money check-in and managing finances abroad25 low-stress and fun jobs that pay wellShould you take money advice from Reddit?A Roth IRA could help you avoid taxes like the ultrawealthyChange your money mindset so you can attract more moneyPeople with this eye color make the most moneyNew data offer even more proof price inflation is on the rise5 of your most pressing money questions–answeredHere’s how much money you’ll take home after taxes with a $100,000 salaryShould you save less for retirement?Buy now, pay later vs. credit cards: Which is right for you?Savings tips for newbies, experts and everyone in betweenDon’t just pay your bills — Pay attentionThe cost of starting a business in every countryWhy adopting this simple money mindset could change your lifeWhy entry-level lawyers are now making over $200,000Why balance transfer credit cards are starting to blossom again5 tips to keep a landscaping project on time, under budgetWhen it’s OK to let your good credit score drop34% of Americans spotted an error on their credit reports. These are the most common mistakes.Credit card bonuses are great again; these are the top 56 high-income skills you need to succeedOlder workers are now least likely to ask for a salary bumpHere are the 10 states where residents pay the highest lifetime taxesWhat Elon Musk hath wrought on bitcoin — and what happens next5 types of pay cuts, when they’re legal and when they’re a good thingElon Musk is no longer the second richest person in the world. This businessman took his placeHow do you define wealthy? Gen X vs Boomers vs MillennialsHow to figure out your real net worth5 habits that made me a millionaire by 25These 4 steps will guarantee you get the salary you deserve (at any career level)All you need to know about NFTs (that thing everyone is talking about)Will making more money cost you? This is what the tax experts sayMoney-related stress linked to a disturbing physical conditionHere are all the tax deductions you need to know about before filing for 2020Bank deposits $1m in your account—can you keep it? Depends who you areThe bizarre reason watching birds can make you happier than moneyAlex Rodriguez says this is the key to his magnificent successThe world’s first trillionaire has just been predictedThe truth behind Mark Cuban’s uncanny ability to grow wealth5 hot careers in cryptocurrencyWealthy people tend to use 9 phrases in conversationsEx-employee claims former boss paid his final paycheck in 500 pounds worth of penniesAdmin embezzled $500,000 from a non-profit that helps at-risk communitiesMost people just don’t get it: There are now 2 financial systems5 major tax myths debunkedThe one thing Americans are more worried about than COVIDTax season will be different this year. Here’s what you need to knowIf you earn this salary, you tend to have these types of feelingsTax season is coming up – and if you do this, you might go to jailWhy the CEO of Food Market is facing more than 100 years in prison9 immutable habits of billionairesI could pay off my $50k student loan in a few years —if government stopped taking my money5 subtle shifts that will increase your earning potential9 things you should always include in conversations about your salaryThis could be the evidence that puts Elizabeth Holmes in prison for 20 yearsFinancially super smart people have 8 things in commonThis is how much Steve Jobs would be worth todayNew study finds money isn’t necessary to be happy but this isThis trending personal finance book will completely flip the way you think about moneyThese 2 graduate schools produce the most billionaires7 ways to increase your salary by 10% in a yearApply to these MBA programs to get the highest starting salaryThe cost of a comfortable retirement around the world126 successful companies started during a recession (1929-2009 Study)You can afford to stop working when you’ve hit this number5 simple psychology hacks that can double your salaryAdministrator tries to steal over $250,000 from property management companyThe adrenaline-driven rise to GameStop stockThe real reason you don’t have a higher salary (it has to do with people)15 signs you’ll be financially free in the next 5 yearsThe Top 5 highest paying jobs abroad right nowThis twenty something makes multiple six figures a year from TikTok posts aloneMoney actually can make you really happy. Here’s whyThis is how much money billionaires make when they are sleepingTurns out you may not be as financially responsible as you thinkReaching this amount in retirement savings means you’ll never have to contribute again9 outdated salary negotiation tips you need to ditch to increase your incomeThe disturbing thing that happens to your brain when you lose moneyCutting these 8 things out of your budget in 2021 could save you thousandsThe weird events that happen when you hear your middle nameWhat not to do with your Christmas bonus5 terrible reasons to ask for a promotionThis is the number of people getting raises during a pandemicThis generation has had to completely rethink money because of COVID-19Here are 7 subtle signs you’re getting paid less than you should12 things I learned about money far too late in life5 mind tricks that will bring you amazing money luckThis is the true cost of hosting Thanksgiving this yearThe best-paying cities for millennials7 responses to a low-ball job offer that will double your worthPeople who live in this state save the most moneyThese 9 financial philosophies helped me care a lot less about the corporate worldThis is the age you’ll finally know how to manage your finances6 daily rituals to attract wealthThis generation has the fastest-growing debt problemThe generation that owns the least wealth in AmericaThis common problem could lead to an early death8 simple ways to cut back on monthly expenses with a phone callIndulging in this fall treat is draining your walletThis many people have already finished their holiday shopping6 places the wealthy are fleeing toThe one thing people always forget to do with their money to find happiness5 signs you should ask for a raise on the spot and how to get itHow to make enough money to retire in the next 5 yearsWhy I refused unemployment money after getting firedThe world is shifting to a cashless society and what that means for your healthHarvard researchers just found a surprising downside of being financially successfulPeople who get paid more than others do these 7 things differentlyWhere should I move? How to live comfortably and happily5 financial rituals that will make you richerThe mindset that can make you an eventual millionaire (without the hype)The most unbeatable advice I have ever heard about making money (it’s one I ignored it for a long time)The most unbeatable advice I have ever heard about making money (And I ignored it for a long time)5 subtle signs it’s time to ask for a raiseStudy finds people with this level of income struggle at this skillNew employment numbers show promise for 2021The 8 all-time best passive income streams and apps (You probably haven’t heard of!)Your wealth is connected to your health. Here’s whyA financial issue from your 20’s is why you can’t find a jobThese are the college majors that will make you the happiestI negotiated a raise during the pandemic – Here’s what I said to get it8 expert-approved ways to manage your money like a millionaireReport reveals shocking salary discrepancies between men and women at Netflix, Google, and others7 things I know in my 40s I wish I had known in my 30sHow to experience enormous success decades before anyone elseHow 20 self-made billionaires reached this status before age 403 ways you can become a millionaire with an average salaryStudy finds your social distancing habits reveal your social class3 ways to prevent the pandemic from spoiling your retirement – whenever it is7 style choices that’ll instantly make you seem more confident (without spending a fortune)Research reveals men with higher salaries may be at risk for this health issue5 money mindsets every millennial should start practicing in their 20s and 30sThese are the highest-paying jobs in The White HouseThis is the age when women and men make the most moneyTurns out working from home during COVID-19 is more expensive than the office5 money goals if you’re still employed during COVID-19If you want to feel happy, don’t chase money; do this insteadFor these people, money actually does equal happinessThe shocking number of people delaying retirement due to COVID-19Utility bills are spiking this much due to remote work (here’s how to keep yours down)5 simple rules for achieving your retirement goalsThe pandemic is changing Americans’ opinion of wealth — Here’s how9 things I learned making 6-figures every year for the last 5 yearsThis generation has changed their views on spending the most because of coronavirusThe economic season is about to drastically changeThis is the 1 financial lesson Suze Orman wants you to take from the pandemicThis study will tell you if you’re rich or not7 surefire strategies to build massive wealth according to the top 7 finance booksIs working remote or working from an office more secure?Want to make millions? Then act like a millionaire. Here’s how.What to do if your raise is cancelled due to COVID-19Working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic could affect your 2020 taxes3 things the most resilient people do every day10 side hustle ideas and tips to keep the bills paid during quarantine layoffsHow to start earning 10x more money in the next 30 daysHow to protect your retirement funds and recover financially from the coronavirus pandemicThis is the exact amount of money that makes people happyWhat is a stipend? Here is everything you need to knowHow to shift your financial goals during a pandemicThe No.1 reason people make early withdrawals from retirement funds may surprise youThis is how many parents are going into debt because of Coronavirus3 mindsets that build wealthYou’ll never believe how much money college football players make for their schoolsA new study says consumers will pay anything if they think a product is scarce8 ways you can become a little bit richer now according to Mark CubanHere’s how to keep your relationship strong during these financially uncertain timesIf you do these 5 things, you’ll probably end up richSuze Orman says this is exactly where to invest your money right nowThis is exactly what you should do with your COVID-19 stimulus check, according to an expert6 useful benefits of having wealthy friends in a crisisThis is what Suze Orman says you MUST do with your money during the pandemicThe recession will be good for youThe American nightmare: How living middle-class destroys your lifeDo people become more selfless as they age?This study confirms you can’t buy love or friendsAmericans don’t think their stimulus check will get them farThese are the 3 groups of people that will be hit hardest financially by the pandemicHere are the best ways to spend your $1,200 government stimulus checkIf you grew up lower or middle class, you need to develop this upper-class mindset12 ideas to help you make money during the CoronavirusThis is what Millennials think makes you financially independentThe average salary for U.S. workers: Essential information you need to knowWhat to do with your money during Coronavirus, according to experts7 indicators of true wealthIs poverty an environmental issue? Depends on who you askAsking for a raise? Here’s what a hostage negotiator would do5 small ways to save money everyday6 confidence hacks that helped me go from earning $75,000 to $500,000 a yearIf you‘d invested $1,000A stock market collapse will teach you a lot about your psychologyMore women are outearning their husbands and this group is most upset about itIf you act this way in your relationships, you may be broke soonAccording to science, this is the worst time you can go shoppingWhat is a stipend and how to know if you are eligibleThe 13 highest-paying jobs for people who want to work less than 40 hours a week5 signs you’re going to make (a lot) more money in the future9 out-of-the-box-tips for how to negotiate salaryHere is everything to know about your paycheck and what it says about your lifestyleClimate change is starting to influence Wall StreetThis is why keeping zero dollars in your savings account helps youThis university produces the most billionairesThe shocking number of people that go into debt for Valentine’s DayHow to boost your compensation by using these 3 negotiation techniquesThis generation is most likely to commit financial infidelityThe Top 5 reasons Americans put off marriageScience says men who drive nice cars are not great peopleInvesting fallacy: ‘You must start early’Gen Z is aggressively trying to fix the student debt crisis5 surprising reasons why your money mindset is impacting your financesWhy Americans are waiting to make financial decisions until after the 2020 electionHow to stay focused when you feel overwhelmedThe financial benefits of Dry January5 myths about getting hired in the finance industry7 tips to hit 7 figures in 2020 and beyondIf you want to be rich, stop focusing on your salary (do this instead)Why 99% of people will never be richThe ultimate guide to making more money in 2020The crazy way our genes affect our income5 books that will transform your money mindset8 hidden monthly bill fees you’re being charged without knowingWhy high income earners still struggle to build wealthHow to retire early from the best industries for employment5 luxuries you can live without to save more money in 20205 ways to avoid the Christmas debt trapKekeibo: How the Japanese art of budgeting can help you save moneyThe surprising generation most ready to own a homeStudy: People really don’t want to go to your birthday party or wedding7 tips for first-time home buyers12 survival strategies to beat holiday stressMillennials are going into debt to find the “best presents”Around the web: 6 smart personal finance stories3 pieces of unconventional financial advice you can’t live withoutHow to take the financial stress out of holidaysBoomers value money more than becoming grandparentsHow to break free of your parents’ money problemsThis is the staggering number of people who went into debt to celebrate a friendSurvey: Americans in holiday shopping debt before holiday shopping even begins4 ways to win at salary negotiation5 financial tasks you should tackle by year-endNot up for a raise? 9 things you should be asking for in your performance review instead10 amazing Cyber Monday deals for professionalsHere are 9 practical ways to cut your monthly budget5 easy ways to improve your family’s finances starting todayHow to start a rental business for passive incomeHow Generation Z might turn the tide on consumer debtWhy you should check your credit report regularly8 not-so-extreme and non-ridiculous principles of early retirementHow to talk about finances with your significant otherWhy you can (and should) negotiate everything6 surprising sales to shop on Black FridayThis is exactly how much hosts spend serving you Thanksgiving dinnerHow rich people do it: Tips for maximizing a raiseThis 26 year old has zero debt and a $250,000 net worthWhat stresses Americans the most about the holidays might surprise youHow capital structure can save a companyThe actual reason debt will continue to rise and what you can do to change the trend7 retirement savings mistakes financial advisors see too often5 money lessons that will help you build wealthRetirement plan: the 4 factors to focus on beyond your financesThis striking percentage of couples regret combining their finances – especially the higher-earning partner8 simple ways you can become financially literate on your ownIs salary transparency good for your company?Everything you need to know about the student loan debt crisisThe simple psychological trick to spending within your meansMillennials earn much less than Baby Boomers did and this is why3 ways to raise money if you don’t know Mark CubanAmericans are spending so much on their pets they are giving up their own essentialsNot surprisingly Millennials are the most willing to go into debt over holiday spending5 ways you can start building wealth before you turn 29How to pay off student loans fast in 2019Why Millennials are suddenly super-aware of their credit scores (and tips for improving your own credit game)Can tracking your net worth make you rich? Why yes. Yes it can.A huge number of Amerians have shed tears over money – especially in the last monthThe complete (and budget-friendly) gift guide for everyone in your officeThe best advice for living forever off your retirementAuthor Ryan Holiday: Setting up 2 financial routines can help you build wealthCommuting in this city is costing workers a fortune9 ways to triple your income in the next 6 monthsYou may be surprised at who tips the most generously in Ubers (and who doesn’t)6 healthy habits that can boost your bank balance7 sneaky ways hotels trick you into paying more during your stayAmericans would give more to charity, but they already spent itHow much of your paycheck you should spend vs saveTips to navigate salary-based interview questions10 reasons you (think you) don’t need life insurance5 effective ways to save $30,000 in a yearHow much $100 is really worth in each stateThere’s a lot of Millennial millionaires and this is where they live in the USHow Americans spend their money, in one chartHow to save money: Easy tips to set budgets and goalsEarly retirement wisdom from 50+ top finance writers3 major salary negotiation mistakes to avoid (and what to do instead)17 things frugal people usually don’t do12 Best alternative investments [The options to consider today]Escaping the debt spiral: A high income path to financial independence9 easy changes to make now to spend less moneyNo holiday savings yet? Here’s how to build your funds fastWhy some Millennials think they have to work forever and won’t be able to retireGot a startup? Here are 3 rules for raising moneyYou accepted the job, then found out you’re being underpaid. Now what?5 financial milestones you should meet by 405 money management tips for the average income earnerThis is the amount of money you should have before you’re ready to retireForced out of work: The early retirement you didn’t plan forIs early retirement extreme? Here are 17 ways to make it easierHow to overcome financial imposter syndromeHow to know if you’re guilty of lifestyle inflation (and how to prevent it)Turns out a shocking percentage of people don’t know their significant other’s salary
Why being self-employed makes my family MORE financially stableMillennials’ eating habits are consuming their savingsThe 19 best ways to generate passive income in 2019This study proves why you should be careful about lending money to your friends6 big retirement mistakes — and one way to avoid themDon’t feel guilty about spending money (the ROI in your life)How to practice actual self care on a budgetThis is the number of Millennials that expect to be wealthy someday, despite long oddsStudy: compared to boomers, millennials’ rent is more affordable — but that can’t afford homesWhy do we think money buys happiness?This is the surprising generation that has fallen behind the most with retirement savings8 tips from Suze Orman that will give you total financial freedomHow to become a millionaire in 3 years – TEDx talk by Daniel Ally7 reasons you might need life insuranceSuze Orman says that if Millennials don’t do these 3 things for retirement they are “screwed”9 reasons why your teenager desperately needs a jobWhy adopting this simple money mindset could change your life7 mistakes many six-figure earners are making right nowSurvey says spending under $1,000 on your wedding may increase your chance of divorce5 ways to spend time with friends that won’t cause you financial stressThis is most people’s biggest money regretWho skipped their vacation this year because they couldn’t afford one?Looking to date? You may need to ask for a raiseThe best money advice from well-known people (and key takeaways)This is a very big and surprising fear of MillennialsWhat are the advantages and disadvantages of budgeting?Early retirement buzzwords and acronyms you must knowA shocking amount of people would make their partner pay rent in their own homeThe 30-somethings guide to creating passive incomeDave Ramsey thinks you are too undisciplined for good financial adviceManaging money using the CEO principleAre you a stay at home parent? You should know this about life insuranceHow to make the most of your money on any budget5 money rules that will increase your net worthMillennials can’t help but going into debt for things that love them backWhat you think wealth should do for you determines how happy, or unhappy, it makes you29 of the best personal finance tips for beginners and beyondHere is everything you should know about 401ks, according to a Millennial money expertHow women can improve their financial optimism despite growing anxietiesCompany equity: What it is, what you should know and do you want it?Americans are making wills in newer ways than ever before1 of the toughest things to master for your financial healthHow to make extra money from home with skills you already haveYou’re losing out on a lot of money by not doing these 11 thingsChallenges of budgeting: what can you do about them?7 income generating skills that will set you freeHow our friends hurt our finances5 expenses I didn’t expect after graduatingWhat to do if you learn you’re underpaid5 money management tips for financial peace according to Dave Ramsey25-year-olds: here’s what to do with your moneyThis is how little cash Americans are carrying nowThis is how much the Tooth Fairy pays per state9 collectibles that are actually worthless3 times being nice will kill your finances6 reasons why most people lose money in the stock market5 ways to increase your salary that anyone can doThe world’s $86 trillion economy visualized in one chartThese types of apps could prompt impromptu spendingStates with the most (and least) expensive college tuition10 little known ways to get out of debt fastThis group of women bears the highest retirement riskThe most interesting student loan debt statistics that may surprise youYou have billionaire potential if you can answer ‘yes’ to these questionsCongratulations, you got a raise! Here are 5 things to do with itHow long will $1 million last in retirement? Is there a magic number?How to improve your financial confidenceTypes of budgeting: which one is right for you?The top 10 reasons why too many people retire poorAmericans can no longer afford to go on vacationCongrats on your raise. Here’s how to keep itThis is how much money most parents give their kids every weekThese states have the biggest debt problem in AmericaHow to find, vet and prosper with a financial plannerThe reason only 13% of millionaires feel wealthyHow to retire early on a modest incomeLifestyle creep: the financial trap that hurts your pockets10 money questions to ask yourself (so you can afford the life you want)5 of the top money mistakes made by MillennialsHow to manage your business finances as an entrepreneurWhy you need a midyear budget check-inMillennials are giving up on this time-honored set of idealsHere are the best places to retire in each state4 killer career moves that will save your financesThe life events that woke me up from my financial misery4 financial lessons I wish I knew when I was youngerFinancial expert Jackie DeAngelis explains exactly what the Fed’s rate cut means for your walletAmericans would rather talk about religion, health and politics over thisParents feel more pressure to spend money during this time of the year than the holidaysAmericans’ hobbies are turning into side jobs, according to this studyYour next candy bar is going to break your bankParents are spending less on this for their children every yearHere’s some of the surprising things Americans would sacrifice for early retirementMy social status turned into a financial s*** showA shocking number of delivery drivers admit doing this to your food5 ‘logical’ credit moves that can lead to troubleThe number of parties millennial throw is burning them out and making them broke, research says8 small things people use to judge your personalityThis generation (by far) cares the most about getting rich10 life insurance myths debunkedPersonal finance is personal for a reasonMillennials don’t tend to do this often, but when they do they’re more generous than others10 seasons of Shark Tank: The hits, the misses and the Jaws-dropping statisticsMillennials think paying for this (very cheap) thing makes them real adultsHow I’m saving 65% of my income without a six-figure salary8 extreme frugal living ideas you probably haven’t consideredThis (surprising) generation outspends all others when it comes to vacations5 financial concerns that need to be addressed before marriageDespite having less support, women outpace men in financial independence9 time saving tips to help you get more out of each day5 ways to be frugal while saving the environmentHow I ditched debt: ‘I just pretended I didn’t have money’How to avoid high-income lifestyle creepCommand your money: how to create a budget that worksHow the costs of owning a cat and dog compare7 revolutionary financial goals for the modern professional4 ways to improve your financial intelligenceThe best salary negotiation tactic might be too awkward for most people to tryThis is the best state for your retirementHow I am side hustling my way to financial independence5 ways to hack your budget between jobsThis is the city where you should buy your first home7 simple passive income ideas for busy people3 major life events every Millennial should be saving for right nowThis is the exact amount of money you need to feel absolutely “financially secure”23 best work from home jobs to make extra moneyPay yourself first: The simple concept to start saving money21 high-paying side jobs you can do in your spare timeHow to retire with a high income: A definitive guide7 ways to make you money last in retirementTeaching kids about money and financial literacy with video games12 flexible companies that help pay for your vacationThe best money management tips to help create financial peace7 biggest financial career mistakes you can ever makeI turned my side hustle into a full-time job in 7 months thanks to 4 smart money decisions I made at the beginning10 major financial issues all parents need to discuss before a new babyHere’s why you should pay yourself firstIs financial independence even possible for me?10 best personal finance books of all timeHow to make money on the side, no matter how busy you areForget these 5 myths you’ve heard about debt consolidationSave, stretch, protect: A financial expert on how to begin plotting your retirement strategyThis shocking number of people have less than $500 saved for an emergency7 major financial mistakes people make in their 40sExtreme frugality vs abundance mentality5 reasons to keep rentingSurvey finds women’s earnings peak 11 years earlier than men, and they earn $35,00 less7 pieces of common money advice you can ignoreDeath to the consumer mentality: How to start fattening your walletI spent 5 years studying rich people. Here are the best pieces of advice I can give you about money10 stupid ways I waste so much moneyBrides, your friends say being in your wedding is putting them in debtApps that make splitting the check so much easierStressed to pick the best? Try ‘good enough’ money decisions insteadThe signs that signal you are too obsessed with making money nowFinancial infidelity: 8 signs you might have a problemHow can pay transparency make a difference for women?Here’s how much money 25 types of scientists really makeHow much life insurance do you need? It depends on these factors5 financial tips for postgraduatesThese are the best cities for retirementLiving in a ‘financial desert’ means you’re likely to have low credit, delinquent accountsYou may be surprised at which generation has the most credit card debtThe age at which men and women reach their peak salaries is likely earlier than you thinkStudy: These psychopathic traits help people make better financial decisionsRetire a millionaire (even if you haven’t started yet)The average 401(k) balance by ageHow to increase your salary: The best tips to make more moneyCalculating your salary is easier than you think – use this equationAmerican are giving up their retirement savings to help their adult children24 savings accounts that will seriously help your money growHow savings can impact your employees financial wellbeingIs standing the new sitting for budget flights?What a woman should do when her partner has debtHow the minimalist lifestyle benefits your finances (but is it right for you?)Americans have lost over $10 million because of phone scams11 things you’re paying way too much for (and how to save instead)This ethically-impelled trend is attracting a lot of investorsThe primary reason young women become financially independent quicker than menThese are the weird purchases people keep secret from their significant otherThe pros and cons of buying a luxury carHow I’m saving 65% of my income without a 6-figure salaryAre America’s teachers really underpaid?What is credit invisibility?Employment gaps raise red flags, but they can be overcome5 ways retirees can tackle their credit card debtHow much does a pint of beer cost around the world?76 legit ways to make money on the side this yearHow to save on everyday fees and charges7 ways to make money fast, quick, and in a hurryThe ingenious way one VP beat the gender pay gapSurvey: Almost 50% of men think the pay gap is ‘made up’Suze Orman: Stop buying coffee and you could be a millionairePro tip: 3 salary negotiation mistakes people makeStudy: 30% of employees would take less salary for better benefitsWhat makes Americans take out personal loans?4 ways to reclaim ownership of your timeHow money stress affects womenPay for performance potentially contributing to mental health crisisA significant number of men think gender diversity at work is hurting themAnything is possible if you pay the priceVisualize what investing $100 in early stocks would be worth todayThe best financial advice at every ageHow much grads earn 10 years after attending America’s most expensive collegesWhat you should know about financial abuseChange your screen habits from time-wasting to money-savingThis schedule trick will save you time, money and energyHow to make more money, based on your zodiac sign7 ways minimalist living can help you save moneyYour cup of coffee is about to get a little more expensiveApply the principles of long-term investing to everything7 things you should know about your money by age 35Things I wish I’d known about money in my 20sBuying real estate? Focus on these 3 numbersVisualized: The gender pay gap only gets worse with ageI couldn’t shop for 3 months and it was the financial refresh I needed7 ways being single could help you save more moneyChange your screen habits from time-wasting to money-savingWant to earn more money? 11 businesses you can start from homeThe best investment apps for every type of investorHow I ditched debt: Making the most of a gig economyHow long it takes to kill the average credit card debt in every stateThe average 401(k) balance by age5 tips from college professors for negotiating your salary when you’re hiredThe psychological hack that can help you save more moneyYour easiest New Year’s resolution: Make your savings grow faster20 things to master before you turn 40These are the Top 15 companies hiring for $100K+ jobs in January 2019The 3-step strategy that helped nearly 100 millionaires get richSurvey: Only 36% of candidates negotiate salary when offered a jobEmployees value compensation, fair treatment the most7 stats about Christmas spending that will knock your stockings offDo these 5 things by Dec. 31 to cut your tax bill5 people who paid off their student loans really fast: How they did itA state-by-state look at how much more expensive childcare is than a higher educationStudy: Cold weather lovers earn more than beachgoersThe ultimate guide to office gift giftingThere’s a reason your purchases are getting more expensive – and mediocreBlack Friday shopping is changing in the digital ageWomen don’t feel safe on public transit – and it’s costing them moneyThe student loan interest deduction: What you need to know for your 2018 taxesThis is how much the average person will spend on Thanksgiving this yearThis is what you take home from a $100K salary in America’s biggest citiesThis is one simple trick to save more moneyMillennials are more likely to share their salary than Baby Boomers5 ways to stop student loan garnishment for freePeople are so desperate to keep salaries secret they won’t even reveal them for $125 cashWhich student loan should you pay off first?How to be financially secure beyond your job11 steps to make $1 million last 30 years in retirementThese are the highest (and lowest) paying jobs in each state for 20181 phrase is keeping women from promotions and raises – Let’s stop saying itWhat’s the cost of happiness? 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