10 seasons of Shark Tank: The hits, the misses and the Jaws-dropping statistics

Shark Tank’s 10th season wrapped up last month, and while the sharks have definitely given the people they want to see, fans still have so many questions about the Shark Tank empire over its decade run. For example, while some entertainment junkies were curious which Stark would end up on the Iron Throne, others were curious which shark has swum the farthest into the investment waters.

Finally, thanks to angel investor Halle Tecco and The Hustle, Shark Tank fans now have answers to a lot of those questions. Read on for the breakdown of Shark Tank data from seasons 1 through 10.

The Pitches on Shark Tank

Shark Tank wouldn’t be the same without the inspiring, crazy, and sometimes hilarious stories of all the contestants. Viewers love watching a contestant tear up- whether from a heart-warming story or a terribly constructed pitch. Some flounder, and some sore, and while you have to watch the show to find out which contestant does which, you don’t have to watch Shark Tank to tell that the show features overwhelmingly more male contestant than female ones. According to the US Department of Labor, 36% of American businesses are owned by women, but Shark Tank only gives 24% of contestant spots to all-women teams.

While watching the sharks attack is most people’s favorite part of the show, you can’t deny that watching the contestant’s pitches is incredibly entertaining. The pitches can be grouped into 10 main categories: Food & Beverage is the most popular industry for pitches, followed closely by the Fashion/Beauty industry and Lifestyle/Home industry. Fashion was actually the most popular industry pitched in season 1, but Food & Beverage overtook it by season 10. The Pets industry began as the least popular industry in season 1, but grew 7% by season 10, making it the fourth most popular industry pitched by season 10. Children’s products took a 10% decrease in popularity throughout the series, the largest of any industry.

The data broke down each pitch by gender of the contestant, pitch by industry, and the amount of money contestants asked for versus the amount they received (which was also broken up by gender).

Who made the most deals on Shark Tank?

Mark Cuban, who didn’t even join the show until season 3, came out as the king of deals and total money invested with 151 deals made and $33.6 million invested by the end of season 10. Cuban’s most frequently made deals with pitches in the Fashion/Beauty and Food & Beverage industries.

Lori Greiner followed Cuban with the second most deals made. Shockingly, Cuban’s 151 deals combined with Greiner’s 119 accounted for 54% of all the deals made on the show. Interestingly, Greiner gave up the second place spot of total invested to Robert Herjavec, who topped her $21.9 million with $24.6 million invested over 88 deals.

Though Barbara Corcoran came in fourth for most deals made (only beating Daymond John‘s 84 deals by one deal), she came out on top of the list of sharks who supported women-owned businesses. Corcoran actually invested in more male-owned companies than female (with a 46% to 41% ratio), but she still managed to best all the other sharks in supporting all-female teams. Herjavec showed the least amount of love to the ladies, only investing in 17% female-owned companies, 11% mixed teams, and 72% male-owned companies.

The Shark Tank deals

The average deal amount over the entire show was $286,000 and 27% equity given up.

The sharks seemed to have gained more confidence (or money) over the seasons, seeing as the percentage of deals increased 26% from season 1 to season 10.

The biggest deal in Shark Tank history was made all the way back in season 6 with AirCar, a travel company that locked down $5 million from Herjavec. Only one of the top 10 biggest deals made took place during season 10, but seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8 actually didn’t make the top 10 biggest deals list whatsoever. Seasons 6 and 7 are tied for most deals on the top 10 list, with 3 taking place during each season.

Overall, there were only 22 $1 million+ deals made across the 10 seasons. Only two of those 22 deals were made with all-female teams.

Shark Tank season 11

Unsurprisingly, back in February ABC renewed Shark Tank for season 11 to air during the 2019-2020 season.