This study will tell you if you’re rich or not

If you’re waiting around wondering when you’ll strike it rich in your life, there might be a better answer now before you jump ship for your next job.

As the job-hopping has become the new norm in getting ahead in your career, a new report from a French organization dove into the numbers of incomes and how much you would need to be making in order to be considered rich.

Forbes reported L’Observatoire des Inégalités took a look at incomes in France in a search to find what it meant to be rich in France – and shockingly, you might not be that far off. The study found that a person making the median income in the country in 2017 — €1,370 per month ($1,549) – would need to double their salary in order to be considered rich, meaning an individual would have to earn €3,470 ($3,924) every month.

But that’s just by yourself. If you are in a couple or have children, the report said you would need to earn €7,827 each month ($8,851) to be deemed rich, which only 8% of the French population currently resides in.

Of course, being rich is easier said than done. If you’re looking to advance in your financial standing, Mark Cuban listed some helpful advice that includes limited spending, avoiding credit cards, saving money and even reading books. You could even start a side hustle like Richard Branson, who started Virgin Group based on his passions.

“Passion is the key to juggling work and business,” wrote Branson. “If do what you love and love what you do, you’re more likely to be successful.”