Wealthy people tend to use 9 phrases in conversations

Having a wealthy mindset is the first thing you must do before you start to accumulate wealth. But what exactly does this mean?

The truth is, wealthy people and poor people think about the world and their circumstances differently. How we use our minds to either attract or push away wealth is extremely powerful. 

Even Napoleon Hill wrote an entire book about how mindset affects your overall financial situation. Napoleon Hill wrote “Think And Grow Rich” in 1937 to demonstrate how a positive attitude can help attract wealth. 

By changing how we view and react to the world, the better prepared and aligned we will be in creating wealth for ourselves and our families. 

These types of words cater to the wealthy mindset and give us insight into how we can adapt our power of influence to better ourselves and the world around us.

1. We’re cheap and proud of it

Believe it or not, but millionaires are living all around you. It’s true, the majority of wealthy people do not flaunt their wealth and live like everyday middle-class families.

One of the main reasons they have been able to build and keep their wealth is because they live a “regular” lifestyle.

2. Not spending money is the same as making money

This falls right in line with being cheap. The more money you spend, the less you have.

Wealthy understand the power of compound interest and having your money work for you. When you don’t spend your money, it can continue to make more money.

3. We use cash more than card

Wealthy people understand the power of a spending plan and ensuring the money they spend goes towards things that bring them value.

Having cash in your pocket and using it for expenses helps minimize the overspending that comes with a painless swipe of a credit card.

4. We’re just like you

Living like a wealthy person means splurging on things that bring you value, when it’s appropriate.

Most wealthy families don’t drive range rovers and live in million dollar mansions. The majority live like the rest of us with a few extra fancy vacations every now and then.

5. Relationships are important

Understanding the power of beneficial relationships and maintaining them is one of the powerful habits wealthy people employ.

Being able to help others and draw upon others for assistance when needed is a great way to help everyone grow.

6. We help others when it’s least expected

Wealthy people are generally very generous people.

Because they live in a “stealth wealth” type of manner, many of them leave large tips to the person who cuts their hair, or serves them at the restaurant. Being wealthy gives them the opportunity to help others when it’s least expected.

7. We recycle, a lot

Similar to their frugal lifestyle, many wealthy individuals reuse things over and over.

From the bows on presents, to reusing paperclips, wealth people tend to reduce their consumption of items as much as possible.

8. We are constantly looking for ways to invest

Because people with money understand the power of using your wealth to create more wealth, the wealthy often find investment opportunities in everyday life.

We’re not taking about get rich quick schemes or deals that seem too good to be true. We’re talking about companies or business opportunities that have a great new idea or way of doing things.

9. I never quit

Wealthy people are often very stubborn. They know what they want to achieve and do not stop until they accomplish what they are after.

The passion that comes with knowing you can achieve things other people would quit is a journey in itself.