Salary Negotiation Tips: Torn Between Two (Possible) Offers

How do I balance an offer in hand with a potentially more interesting one that I am still interviewing for?artSalary

Q: I was extended an offer and told I must make a decision by end of week, but I’m supposed to hear back about a role that is more interesting to me the Monday after — what should I do?

A: You want to delay Company A and speed up Company B, so do that to the best of your ability. Come up with a reason, such as, “It looks like we have all the elements down. I can’t say yes at the moment for some personal reasons, but I am considering it very carefully. Here’s what I can promise you: I need three to four days to talk to a couple of people, and when I’m finished, I’ll come back and I’ll either say, ‘Great, let’s go forward’ or ‘it’s not the right career move for me at this time’. I won’t say yes just to have a job and then in a few months bail on your company. That’s why I need to make sure I have the time necessary to commit myself 100% and have no looking back over my shoulder or later regrets.”

The point is, why should they wait around for you to wait for something better? You owe it to Company A, who wants to know by Friday, to give them something for the wait. It wouldn’t be fair to Company A to accept the job and then have regrets and take another job that comes along, so it’s in their interest and yours to figure out how you can extend the deadline.

Next week’s question: The compensation package the recruiter and I agreed to verbally does not match the actual written contract I received as an offer. How do I address this?