Survey: 30% of couples talk about money on a daily basis

Research has found that 1/3 of married couples fight over money monthly, but more recent data from Lexington Law shows that 30% of couples talk money every day. But while 53% said they “have a joint bank account” with their romantic partner, 47% said they do not.

“Our study found that overall age made the largest impact on how a couple shares and views their collective finances. Those that are older and more established are much more likely to have joint accounts and share debts and assets, while younger Millennials are much more likely to keep their financial lives fairly separate from their significant others,” Lexington Law reported.

The site then went on to report that older people surveyed had a higher chance of talking money more often, “which makes sense given that financial issues seem to more directly impact their partnership than in other age groups.”

The company polled 1,500 Americans for the research.

Here’s how often couples talk about cash

The results show that less than 10% surveyed discuss it annually:

  • “Weekly:” 40%
  • “Daily:” 30%
  • “Monthly:” 22%
  • “Yearly:” 8%

It also found that 50% say they “share debts” with their romantic partner, while 50% say they do not.

Here’s how couples divide their money

Check out the breakdown:

  • “We share everything:” 55%
  • “An Even Split:” 25%
  • “One person pays for everything:” 14%
  • “Based on income:” 6%

All in all, these findings echo earlier data from Fidelity showing that 64% of Americans know their partner’s bank passwords.