6 daily rituals to attract wealth

Attracting wealth can seem like a daunting task—but it’s actually quite simple if you’re willing to witch up your daily rituals and take an honest look at your overall mindset.

Adopting a few daily habits can go a long way in improving your finances over time—especially if you stick with them for the long run.

“We all want to manifest wealth and abundance but a lot of people fail because we move into a chasing state instead of an allowing state,” explains explains Joe Longo, Transformational and Manifestation Coach.

“Think about this, if something is chasing you do you want to be caught? No!”

When we are manifesting (or trying to attract) anything, including wealth, we need to move into a receiving state we need to move into the feeling of the manifestation of the wish being fulfilled. According to Longo, the feeling is the secret to any manifestations.

Here, we’ve worked with a variety of mindset and manifestation coaches to get their top tips on the daily rituals you should be harnessing if you want to attract more wealth into your life.

Whether you’re hoping to exponentially grow your business, finally get that raise, or even find totally unexpected money, this is what you should be doing to ensure you’re as open as possible to receiving financial abundance.

Get clear on your desires.

The first step to attracting wealth into your life is getting clear on why you want to increase your financial flow—having a clear reason in mind will help make space for the abundance to start flowing in.

“Have a clear and specific goal or manifestation,” says Longo. “If you want money, how much money do you want? Most people say I am manifesting money, but never state how much money.”

Consider your desires already done.

Do you know what having a million dollars feels like? Most people don’t, which will stop the flow of the manifestation.

“If you never had that kind of wealth it’s going to be hard to imagine having it now,” says Longo. “Start with what you know.

If you know what it feels like to have $10,000 or $100,000 start there. The key is to start with what you know even if it means starting with $100-$200.”

Practice gratitude and affirmations.

Next up, Longo suggests you move into the space of gratitude of the wish being fulfilled—even if it technically seems far away. Come up with mantras to confirm your gratitude.

“I am so happy and thankful I am generating $2,000 every day.” “I am so happy that wealth and abundance flow to me freely every day from multiple sources.”

Take inspired action.

“Stating what you want and believing and feeling is not enough. You have to put in the work,” explains Longo.

“Sure, you may get an unexpected check in the mail. But, by putting in inspired action you get the energy moving to allow wealth and abundance to flow to you from the service you are giving to the world!”

Create a vision board.

Keeping a vision board in your bedroom is a good way to remind yourself of your goals as soon as you wake up and as you are falling asleep.

“Looking at images of what you want to achieve—what wealth means to you personally—can help keep you motivated and on track to fulfilling your desires,” says Phoenix Knor’malle, Psychic Advisor on MysticSense.com.

Be charitable.

Donating a portion of your income may not seem like it’s going to do much for your own wallet, but giving back is one of the easiest ways to put yourself in a positive vibration—all while helping a cause you care about.

“The mistake many people make is to think they can’t afford to give—even if it’s just one per cent of your weekly income,” explains Dean Caporella, Foundr of LifesBreakthroughs.com. “This is a negative thought. What it does is set you up for lack and what you focus on comes back to you.”

Caporella suggests starting by giving a small amount; find local charities accepting donations and give what you can afford and going from there. Giving on a consistent basis is a cornerstone for many of the world’s wealthy people and it’s amazing how good it makes you feel to give.

It’s a positive feeling. You feel good. You think good. Positivity permeates through you.