The complete (and budget-friendly) gift guide for everyone in your office

At this point, you spend most of your week with your colleagues. Well, at least 40 hours (and counting). And while you might not realize it, your coworkers have been with you through it all: management transitions, promotions, office moves, and real-life changes. To show them your appreciation for all that they do in work and beyond, give them one of these office-appropriate gifts. There’s a gift for everyone in your office: your work wife, mentor, boss, and everyone in between. And hey, some of them will even make your 9-5 cheerier (the French Bulldog cookie jar, especially). 

Scandinavia Dreaming

Scandinavia Dreaming

What it is: Perfect for a desk or coffee table, this 288-page book illustrates the ever-changing Nordic design industry from tile-covered roofs to wooden furniture accents. 

Why it’s cool: Get an inside look at the architecture of Scandanvaia — without paying for a pricey plane ticket. 



French Bulldog Cookie Jar

What it is: Store homemade cookies or treats in this dog-shaped cookie jar. A bonus for you: It’s so pretty that your colleague may leave it on display, which means more cookies for you. 

Why it’s cool: If you think this pup looks familiar, it’s probably because you recognize it from Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram: The bulldog is inspired by her beloved Frenchies, Penny and Pippa.


lobster tie
Vineyard Vines

Lobster Pot Bow Tie

What it is: For the colleague that matches his tie to his personality (or, well, mood), this silk tie is the perfect way for him to get excited for his next few days OOO, especially if he’s taking a beach vacation.

Why it’s cool: Each tie is made in the United States, and arrives in a gift box.


duo oil

The Duo: Subscription

What it is: Choose to receive this complimentary olive oil duo — one made for cozier meals, the other to lighten dishes — every one, two, or three months. 

Why it’s cool: With this set, they’ll have just what they need to marinade, dress, or garnish any dish — sweet or savory, and hot or cold.


perk tee

Feel Good Tee

What it is: Just as the name implies, this tailored tee is guaranteed to make him feel good. The curved him even looks good untucked, which is perfect for casual Fridays.

Why it’s cool: Depending on his style, there are six color options to choose from — but all are equally as soft thanks to the 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton .


tech kit
Moral Code

Roll-Up Tech Kit

What It Is: Stash all of their cords, cables, and chargers in this leather roll’s three pockets. 

Why it’s cool: The two leather loops inside the travel roll, which comes in navy, black, and brown, are the perfect size to hold USB flash drives. 


1000 places

1,000 Places to See Before You Die

What It Is: Since your colleague is always daydreaming about their next vacation, this book full of breathtaking photographs and must-sees in 1,000 places will give them all the inspiration. 

Why It’s Cool: With 3.5 million copies sold worldwide, this pick ranks as the #1 best-selling travel book of all time.


Yes Plz Coffee
Yes Plz Coffee

Yes Plz Coffee Subscription

What It Is: Refresh their morning routine with a weekly, biweekly, or monthly subscription that comes with a package of ethically sourced beans from around the globe along with a newsprint-inspired magazine.

Why It’s Cool: They consider it the cooler — more millennial way — to drink coffee and read the paper. 

$17/shipment, YesPlz.Coffee 


Ansel & Ivy


What It Is: Add some greenery to their deskspace with this glossy green plant, which arrives at the door in one of four different planters. 

Why It’s Cool: Dracaena is a no-fuss plant, as long as it gets ample sunlight and watered every few days.


cooking for artists

Mina Stone’s Cooking for Artists 

What It Is: Merge the art and cooking worlds with chef Mina Stone’s 70 family-style recipes, which she created for fellow artists. = 

Why It’s Cool: The recipes are simply enough to follow, while still giving a nod to Stone’s unique Greek heritage. 


hand massager

Hand Massager

What It Is: After eight hours of typing, this heat and compression massager is a game-changer for cramped muscles and sore, tired hands. 

Why It’s Cool: It’s cordless, so the massager can provide instant relief without taking up too much desk space. 


puresonic wireless earbuds

PureSonic Wireless Earbuds

What It Is: Get high-quality sound no matter where you go with these USB-rechargeable earbuds that come with 6 hours of playback per charge.

Why It’s Cool: The interchangeable tips ensure that they can snugly fit in any ear. 


wireless charging stand

BOOST UP Wireless Charging Stand

What It Is: Available in black or white, this stand perfectly holds most Apple, Samsung, LG, and Sony phones while charging at the same time. 

Why It’s Cool: Position the phone in landscape or portrait mode, no matter if you’re watching a movie or responding to emails.


travel gift set
Gift Suite

Travel Gift Set

What It Is: An amazing collection of flying-high necessities. From socks to packs for your chargers, this smart set makes jetsetting seamless.

Why It’s Cool: Because you quite literally never see your manager but you know she travels 24/7, so hopefully, this makes it easier for her. 

$95, Gift Suite.

matcha ceremony set

Jade Leaf Matcha’s Complete Matcha Ceremony Set

What It Is: For anyone opposed to the taste of coffee, get a daily dose of caffeine with matcha green tea — and this do-it-all kit comes with all the tools, including a whisk, scoop, bowl, and sifter, for the perfect brew.

Why It’s Cool: Matcha is just the beginning: Use it in hold and cold drinks, lattes, smoothies, or baked goods. 


christmas tree chocolates
Harry & David

Harry & David Christmas Tree Box of Chocolates

What It Is: Keep it classic with this Christmas tree box full of 25 dark and milk chocolate pieces, salted caramel cups and all.

Why It’s Cool: Sample Harry & David’s best offerings, or share it with family and friends (er, coworkers) during the holiday season.


ballerina bunny slippers
Fig Leaves

Ballerina Bunny Slippers

What It Is: Keep their toes warm and toasty — even when the office’s A/C is blasting — with this cozy slippers lined with faux fur.

Why It’s Cool: Unlike bulkier finds, these slipper socks are easy to slip on and off. 


autumn dusk arrangement
Winston Flowers

Winston Flowers Autumn Dusk Arrangement

What It Is: Small but mighty, this stunning arrangement is full of the season’s softest shades — antique roses and ivory blooms — and the perfect size for any desk.

Why It’s Cool: The cream-colored berries give it a quintessential Christmas feel. 


business backpack
Solo NY

Backpack For Business

What It Is: Sleek into for work trips, smart enough for everything else, this padded backpack is multi-functional and professional. There’s a space for everything — even your headphones!

Why It’s Cool: Because your assistant hasn’t upgraded their backpack since college and it’s about time.

$45, Solo-NY.

packing cube set
mumi Design

Packing Cube Set

What It Is: Before their next trip (work or leisure), gift them this set of five color-coded packing cubes to keep all of their belongings neat and tidy.

Why It’s Cool: These lightweight nylon organizers maximize luggage space and reduce mess.


precision massager

NordicTrack Percussion Massager.

What It Is: Instead of getting a massage all over, you can give yourself one with this percussion massager. Various speeds and heads allow for whatever recovery you need.

Why It’s Cool: We all have that one coworker who works out all the time. Now, they can stop complaining and get to feeling better already.


sea watch plaid blue blanket
Chappy Wrap

ChappyWrap Sea Watch Plaid Blue Blanket

What It Is: Snuggle up in this nautical blue blanket, made of a mixture of cotton fiber, acrylic, and polyester, for ultimate comfort. 

Why It’s Cool: This blanket is machine washable and dryable, making it super easy to keep clean. And yes, it’s a bit of a splurge — but worth it!