San Francisco is so expensive over 50% of tech workers say they can’t afford to start families

Earlier this summer we found that if you live in the Bay Area and have a salary of $117,400 you qualify as “low income” in some counties. So if you can’t afford a house in San Francisco and the surrounding areas there is a good chance you can’t afford to have children either.

According to a new survey of over 8,200 people by Blind, a workplace social network which is mostly used by tech workers in Silicon Valley, 58% said they were putting off having children because it would be too expensive. With the average cost of raising a single child until age 17 being $233,610 as of 2015, this makes sense. Birth rates have been decreasing significantly in California especially in areas where home rates are appreciating, according to Zillow. In San Jose, it dropped 20% from 2010 to 2016 and in Oakland, it fell by 24%.

The survey, which took data from September 2, 2018 – September 7, 2018, broke down which respondents that felt this way about childcare costs worked at which tech companies. Apple had the most employees delaying families at 69.11% followed by Cisco and eBay.