This is how much money billionaires make when they are sleeping

Say what you will about his public persona or son-naming abilities, but Elon Musk is very good at making money. So good in fact, he apparently does it in his sleep$88.3M a night to be exact.

The famed engineer and SpaceX founder recently made headlines after officially becoming the wealthiest man in the world (for the second time).

According to a recent People Who Sleep analysis, the top earners in the world procure investments that yield profits in a 24-hour cycle. Via multiple sources of income and a stable of global employees, the earners featured below are essentially operating non-stop.

“You have 24 hours in a day, the same 24 hours that Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Oprah, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates have in a day. You might work eight hours a day and get paid a certain salary per month, which will work out to a certain amount per hour. But your daily earning potential is not limited to 8 hours per day,” the authors wrote in the new report.

“Millionaires and billionaires will typically have one or two main sources of income, which are typically the businesses they dedicate most of their time and energy to and then they get the rest of their income from passive income sources. Passive income is money that you make without having to do anything. It could come from sources like real estate investments, book sales, business investments and capital gains.”

These are the Top 10 sleep earners according to People Who Sleep’s new data.

Net worthEarning per yearEarnings per dayHours of sleepEarnings per night while asleep
Jeff Bezos$183B$68B$186.3M8$62,1M
Elon Musk$155B$128.9B$353.2M6$88.3M
Bill Gates$129B$23B$63M7$18.4M
Bernard Arnault$110B$100M$274k7$79.k
Mark Zuckerberg$104B$27.7B$75.9M5$15.8M
Warren Buffett$85.7B$3.2B$8.8M8$2.9M
Jack Dorsey$12.5B$7B$19.2 M6$5.6M
Peter A Thiel$7.12B$4.52B$12.4M6 to 7$3.1M to $3.6M
Sheryl Sandberg$1.8B$27.1M$74.3k7$21.7k

The authors also observed a correlative relationship between sleep and earnings that appeared to line up with previously conducted research.

In a recent study by John Hopkins, a throughline between seven hours of uninterrupted sleep and wealth was compellingly unpacked.

The mechanisms mainly pertained to memory, focus, productivity, phsyical health and mood. All of these elements are conducive to both social and professional success.

It’s obviously much easier for Oprah and Musk to outearn the average American while they sleep, but the new report highlights how important ingenuity and careful planning is to sustained income.

“Who knows, maybe you will be the next Elon Musk or the next Oprah. It is important that you develop good sleep habits and a good sleep routine now so that when you are hard at work building your empire, you can give every day your all and perform optimally,” People Who Sleep concluded.

“And then, each night when you go to bed, your new neural networks grow, and you rest up for the next day, your bank balance will hopefully grow too.”