How to experience enormous success decades before anyone else

“Young people are stupid. Old people are wise. Which do you want to be?” -Ryan Holiday

Most people are following a very conventional path right now.

They’re planning on doing things when everybody else does them. They’re getting the same kinds of jobs, dating the same kinds of people, and spending money on the same kinds of things.

Most people are triggered by the actions of others, not what they have decided within their own mind. They are reactionary, not intentional.

As a result, most people are broke, empty, and behind the game.

In every part of life, there is a conventional path and an unconventional path. Most people choose the former.

But this is exactly how you delay success. By taking the conventional road everyone else is taking, you ensure you’ll reach the destination as late as everybody else.

There is No Such Thing as Time Management

“Most people have no clue what they are doing with their time but still complain that they don’t have enough.” -Grant Cardone

Most people think of time as an “either/or” construct. They fear time shortages, and believe there’s never enough time.

But there’s plenty of time when you use the time you’re given.

If you want to experience enormous success decades earlier than most people, then quit striving for a “balanced” life. The world’s most successful people understand there is an abundance of time, and cultivate their ability to maximize every second.

Once you understand the concept that you can move as fast as you want:

You can do anything you want, as fast as you want.

Stop Playing By Everyone’s Rules — They Don’t Apply To You

Society loves telling people exactly how to do things.

  • Go to a good college, and pick a good degree (not like English or Philosophy, there aren’t any jobs).
  • Get a good job at a good company.
  • Get a good mid-sized sedan (nothing older than 5 years).
  • Keep your head down for a few years until that promotion comes. Don’t rock the boat.
  • Stay here for years.

Most people follow this conventional path, even if it makes them wildly unhappy and miserable. They don’t realize taking the conventional path is delaying their success not by months, but by years.

Most people will waste unnecessary years on slow, conventional paths where the pace is dictated by someone else.

This is exactly how you delay success — by following the rules.

Once you stop letting others dictate your pace in life, you can go as fast and as far as you want.

In Conclusion

“Life is long if you know how to use it.” -Seneca

You have all the time in the world, if you know how to utilize the time you’ve given.

Most people won’t ever be successful. Their version of success is always defined by others, and they never quite reach it. They spend years of toil and hard work on the conventional path that leads them places they don’t want to go.

If you want to achieve enormous success decades before anyone else, choose the unconventional path.

Remember: the rules are made up. They don’t apply to you. You can go as fast and as far as you want — no one can tell you otherwise.

Don’t make excuses. The most successful people in the world take full responsibility for everything — they don’t let their age, social class, where they grew up, or what people think of them affect anything. They just do what they need to do.

The more willing you are to take risks, attract criticism, and go your own way…

The faster your inevitable success will come.