This (surprising) generation outspends all others when it comes to vacations

Where, oh where, does your non-essential spending go? About 15% of it goes toward your vacation savings each month – right after money spent dining out.

CIT Bank’s annual Summer Savings Survey, conducted by The Harris Poll, explored how people saved for their vacations.

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One in three consumers is winging it when it comes to their vacation and not saving anything at all. That’s changing a little: while only 7% made vacation saving a top priority in 2018, that jumped to 18% in 2019.

People living in the Northeast are the best at saving for vacations, at 71%. The Southwest region scored the lowest, at 58%.

And while they may be young, they like their vacations shockingly posh. Gen Z outspent any other generation when it came to experiences, luxury hotels, relaxation, even first and business class travel. As you can see below, they out-spent every other generation on vacation luxuries.