Is standing the new sitting for budget flights?

Let’s face it, flying isn’t going to get any better.

And so you won’t be surprised that you may or may not soon have the option of flying high in the saddle if you choose a standing-only flight, an idea some airlines have been threatening for over a decade.

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CNBC’s Make It reports that Italian seat manufacturer Aviointeriors has recently come out with a prototype of a “standing seat” for airplanes. The SkyRider 2.0 looks like a regular seat, except with a bicycle-style seat to anchor you as you stand and fly.

The space-saving move will allow an “ultra-high density” of people aboard the plane, according to the company – perhaps as much as 20% more.

This isn’t the first attempt to make the standing airline seat a reality, although it is Aviointeriors second attempt at a model. In 2010, Irish discount airline Ryanair looked into the idea of adding standing seats. But Boeing, Ryanair’s manufacturer, shot down the idea due to safety concerns. Soon after, Australian airline Tiger Airways floated the same idea.

In 2015, budget Chinese airline Spring Air said they’d be willing to offer discounted standing seats to willing passengers, should they be able to make that happen, manufacturing- and safety-wise.

Some argue that these new SkyRider 2.0 design will go the way of all the standing seats before it and never get past the prototype phase. With so many cheap fares (and miserable experiences to match) already out there, there’s no need to pay less to stand.

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