Brides, your friends say being in your wedding is putting them in debt

It’s wedding season! Are you one of the lucky ladies who has been invited to be a bridesmaid this year? Hope you’ve been saving all year, because between pre-wedding festivities like the bachelorette party (which have turned into bachelorette weekends), travel and accommodations, professional hair and makeup, the coordinated gowns, and oh, the gift, your finances are about to be shot.

A survey from Comparecards looked at the pressure to spend on weddings – and the cost it can have on friendships.

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Under pressure

The majority of bridesmaids (58%) felt under the gun to spend money on wedding-related expenses.

A third said the financial strain had a negative effect on their friendship with the bride. For maids of honor, the number was even higher, at 42%.

And no wonder: a third of bridal party members had to go into debt for their friend’s wedding. Maids of honor went into debt at a higher rate (43%), as did best men (38%).

The most expensive costs associated with the wedding for bridal party members were clothing, first and foremost the bridesmaid’s dress (32%), then the bacchanal that is the bachelorette party (29%), and finally traveling to and from the wedding destination (25%)

People didn’t consider their wedding-related expenses money well-spent, either. A third of those who have been to a wedding in the last two years say they regret the money they spent. Especially maids of honor, at 44%.

There’s one final nuclear option to deal with these out-of-control wedding costs, especially if you have multiple invites: you can always just… not go. According to the survey, a very smart 37% did exactly that, declining an invitation to a lovely wedding because they simply couldn’t afford it.

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