Study: Cold weather lovers earn more than beachgoers

The results are finally in: Cold weather people are the true winners in the competition of life. Well, at least monetarily speaking.

A survey of 2,000 people found that vacationers who prefer cold climates make around $4,000 more on average than beachgoers. The salary gap alone could fund several trips to the slopes, which is good because cold weather vacationers (unsurprisingly) like to ski and snowboard.

The survey, which was commissioned by online travel agency Vayama and conducted by OnePoll, discovered other interesting tidbits about warm-weather versus cold-weather vacationers. Who likes to be the big spoon? And which pets do each prefer? Check out the personality profiles below to find out.

Cold-weather vacationers

Based on highlights from the survey, cold-weather vacationers sound a lot like the brooding hipsters in our lives whom we love, but whose homes have “retro” record players and smell a little too much like kitty litter. Shy and quiet introverts who prefer cats to dogs, they’re inclined to listen to jazz, heavy metal, classical and folk music.

They see trips as an escape from boredom (and likely the existential dread of everyday life), though they would rather stay indoors than go out in the sun. Basically, cold-weather vacationers are all Edward Cullens — but onto Team Jacob.

Warm-weather vacationers

Though warm-weather vacationers make a little less dough, they sound like awesome people to be around. They’re confident and outgoing, and they like to be the big spoon when cuddling (which is good for all the little spoons out there). You’ll catch them at the beach or by the pool, but they’re also fond of museum visits. They prefer dogs and country, pop, hip-hop, and R&B music, and they use vacations as family time.

So chin-up, warm-weather vacationers: You’re obviously the life of the party, even if you’re not the one paying for it.

No matter your preferred climate, it’s important to remember to treat yourself and get away from work and stress every once in a while. So hey, maybe it’s time to plan your next vacation! Or at least time to scroll through your favorite Instagram travel accounts for inspiration.