Survey: 52% of workers say a 'higher salary' is needed to remain at their company

New research from Eightfold shows that 52% of workers surveyed say they’d remain at their company for a heftier paycheck. But, while 30% want a new position where they work now, 53% want a new one at a different workplace. Furthermore, while 55% of employees say they get “unsolicited messages from recruiters at least once per week,” 78% say they’re open to it.

Eightfold teamed up with Harris Interactive Media on the study — which has a detailed methodology — but it’s important to note that 1,007 “CEOs or CHROs of companies with 1,000 or more employees” and 204 employees responded.

But the upcoming findings are just specifically from employees.

What it would take for employees to stay at their jobs

Check out how employees they responded:

  • “Higher salary:” 52%
  • “Better company culture:” 43%
  • “Better relationships with colleagues:” 36%
  • “More enjoyable work:” 33%
  • “More appreciation from employer:” 31%
  • “More challenging and engaging work:” 25%
  • “Less pressure:” 22%
  • “More career growth:” 22%

How employees feel about recruiters

It’s clear that the percentages are pretty similar:

  • “Recruiters struggle to match an applicant with a role:” 67%
  • “Recruiters do not usually carry out careful resume screening before contacting me:” 63%
  • “Recruiters often contact me about roles not in line with my profile/skills:” 60%

Furthermore, 72% of employees think that not being able “to find different or better roles internally” leads people to leave their company. Seventy-one percent think their employers have trouble keeping workers at the company, and 70% think “finding talent is a key challenge.”

How employees feel about company diversity

Fifty-seven percent of them don’t think that their company is getting more diverse, but here’s how they feel about it overall:

  • “We lack qualified diverse talent:” 40%
  • “Our diverse employees don’t get acceptance/respect:” 30%
  • “We lack career opportunities for 40-55 year olds:” 29%
  • “We lack enough people of color:” 28%
  • “We lack enough women:” 28%
  • “We struggle retaining diverse talent:” 25%
  • “Diverse employees are a poor culture fit:” 22%
  • “We lack career opportunities for Millennials:” 19%