The ultimate guide to office gift gifting

Fact: You spend more time at work than you do with your loved ones. Also, true: you should put just as much thought into your gifts to your co-workers, bosses, assistants, and peers as you do in your family and friends. Issue: there are certain boundaries you definitely don’t want to cross to keep a level of professionalism and respect.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your holiday gift — no matter if it’s for a Secret Santa gift exchange or a white elephant goodie. The trick is in finding the ideal something for everyone you work with day-in and day-out.

Since you have many end-of-quarter goals (and year) goals to make, we did the research for you, so you can go out-of-the-box with these clever (yet sentimental!) ideas:

For your coworker who keeps Starbucks in business.

The Welly Bottle

Every office has that girl. You know the one whose desk looks like a Starbucks drive-thru by the time the clock strikes 6 p.m. It’s a little gross—and perhaps a tad bad for the environment. Not only is Welly Bottle a more sustainable option, but it will also keep her drink cold for 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours. No second run needed.

Welly Bottle, $29

Feel Good Digestive Enzymes

Once the New Year hits, you’ve got that officemate who kicks his or her health into high gear. They try it all — and achieve some of it. This year, perhaps a small stocking stuffer is in order. Instead of going down the Whole30 bandwagon, give them a bottle of 90 capsules that’ll help them absorb more nutrients and reduce bloating.

MySolluna, $35

For your office lunch buddy.

Green Chef

Consider your favorite work pal to walk to grab lunch with. They’re fun to chat with, help you make healthy options and provide a refresh for your day. Consider getting a month’s subscription for him—and for you! This way you can spend more time chatting in the cafeteria, rather than battling the cold. Green Chef, a USDA certified organic meal kit has diet-specific plans such as gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian, so it can work for anyone.

GreenChef, starting at $79 a week

For the professional who is always freezing.

Recycled Grandview PrimaLoft Shortie

Commuting in the cold weather is no joke. But working in an office? It can be just as chilly—year round! That’s why many professionals keep sweaters, sweatshirts and other layers to remain toasty. This ultra lightweight jacket can multi-task, taking her from work to her workouts to post-work drinks to whatever else the season brings her.

Athleta, $148

For your office friend who lives in leggings.

Lululemon Wunder Under Super High-Rise Tight

Thanks to the millennial generation, there are now several office appropriate ways to wear leggings to work—and your office pal can pull ‘em all off. Her wardrobe begs for a little black legging to match her little black dress. With this one, she can pair it with a tunic or sweater for work and then throw on a tee and sneakers for her post-work spin class.

Lululemon, $98

For the boss who just nabbed a corner office.

The Hotel Collection Candle by Aroma360

Reaching an executive level that not only comes with a mighty-fine paycheck, but a corner suite brings plenty of bragging rights and influence. And another thing? The ability to do and decorate as you please, within reason of course. If she’s a frequent flier with a flair for luxury, she’ll love adding this hotel-themed candle to her desk. Inspired by the country’s most-loved hotels, ranging from hotel chains like Marriot to the 1 Hotel in South Beach—these luxe candles will make her feel like she’s on vacation even when she’s not actually OOO.

HotelScents, $60

For the assistant who is always stressed AF.

Savor Beauty Roll & Glow Kit

One of the greatest gifts you can give well, anyone, is self-care. This is definitely true for a super-dedicated assistant who somehow manages all of her work and some of yours, too. This kit allows her to give some TLC and R&R at the end of the day, complete with a with a trendy rose quartz roller and raspberry serum.

SavorBeauty, $99

For the anti-coffee drinker.

Just Tea & Me

While most of the office needs coffee ASAP, your workmate is a fan of tea—and only tea. This beautifully-packaged set comes with everything he needs for the perfect cuppa. Turn his productivity pick-me-up into a decadent afternoon treat with this box of goodies including two types of tea, chocolate, handmade all-butter shortbread cookies, and honey sticks.

BasKits, $34

For your manager who is still a bit old school.

Rocketbook Everlast

There are two types of managers in this world: Those who use paper and those who rely solely on their computer. Bring your more traditional manager to the modern era with Rocketbook Everlast, a notebook that connects to services like Google Drive, Evernote, and email. Once they upload and save their notes, they can wipe the pages clean and start all over again, creating less waste and more desk space.

RocketBook, $34

For the networking master.

Oliver Premium Leather Wallet

He can’t pull a business card out of any ‘ole wallet. Not anymore, that is! Treat him to his premium leather card case—available in distressed brown leather or black calf leather—to keep all of his credit and business cards in one stylish, organized spot.

MoralCode, $46

For the solo-entrepreneur.

MOO’s business cards

They said this would be the year—and it was! Your friend finally branched out and started their own gig, and you couldn’t be happier for them. You can help them advance to the next level by giving them a gift card to MOO. With this nice gesture, they can customize business cards that best suit their style or let them take control of their branding. Either way, they’ll start off their year in business-ready style.

MOO, Starting at $20

For those who work-at-home.

Follain Essential Experience Aroma Diffuser Lamp

She doesn’t just work at any office — she works at a cool office. Ya know, her living room. Sometimes her desk. Other times her kitchen table. If that’s the case, add this natural beech wood and ceramic essential oil diffuser to her desk space. It’ll look chic and keep her calm during crunch time.


Follain, $60

For your mentor.

Léon & George

There’s a lot of talk about why plants are beneficial in the workplace. But there’s another special message they send: ‘Thanks for helping me to grow!” For the mentor who has made an impact on your career, these green beauties from Léon & George come in custom ceramic pots that’ll catch her eye every time they step foot in her office. And if she’s lacking a green thumb, each plant comes with lifetime plant doctor support so she can nurse her new office buddy back to health.

LeonAndGeorge, Starting at $109 and up

For the standing desk friend.

Saucony Guide ISO 2

You know what would make his standing desk even better? A pair of marathon-worthy sneakers! Whether he’s walking around the office or clocking in steps from his apartment to work, the Guide ISO2 sneakers, complete with WRFOAM  and EVERUN foam, is as good as it gets.

Saucony, $120

For the assistant who teaches you a thing or two.

Seville Classics AIRLIFT® Gas-Spring Standing Desk Converter

If you have a standing desk, so should your assistant. Or rather, since your assistant suggested a standing desk to help with your aches-and-pains, perhaps getting them their very own is a smart gesture. This easy-to-assemble option, which comes in black, white or walnut, is especially helpful for people with back or neck pain. Plus, if they get tired of standing, they can convert it to a regular desk.

Seville, $200

For your intern who is definitely getting hired.

Mason & Market Oxford Gift Box

These aren’t your average desk supplies—just like your intern goes above and one. So much so, you’re making a case to hire them next year. This curated box of high-quality supplies might give them a little hint, but also make them appear as professional on the outside as they are on the inside.

MasonAndMarket, $48

For your boss who is also a grill boss.

Omaha Steaks Delicious Corporate Gift

He runs the office with respect, intelligence and humor. And hey, he does the same at the grill for your annual backyard BBQ, complete with only the finest cuts. Gift him his second-favorite thing to his job with Omaha Steaks. This flavor-packed pack comes with six cuts of meat, including two bacon-wrapped Filet Mignons, two boneless pork chops, and two stuffed sole with scallops and crabmeat. Yum!

Omaha Steaks, $50

For the boss who is actually superwoman.

Bestowe Gifting The Organized Woman Gift Box

It’s incredible how your manager does it all: She manages a team, a home, a family and a social life. Make 2019 her most organized— and stress-free—year yet thanks to the leather clutch, key ring, and soothing bath salts in this on-brand gift box.

Bestowe Gifting, $95

For your friend who went freelance full-time.

Chasing Paper x Serious Business Woman art print

There’s no way around it: Your best friend is a rockstar. She finally took the plunge and went freelance full-time, managing deadlines, clients and invoices all by her badself. Let her workspace—or at least her living room—represent the serious businesswoman that she is with this fierce and feminine print covered with everything that makes her the inspiration that she is. For brownie points, get it framed.

Chasing Paper, starting at $30

For the office manager who likes to goof around.

Jenga® GIANT™ JS7 Hardwood Game

Your office manager isn’t a small-minded kind of guy. So when it comes to gift-giving, the bigger, the bigger. Or more so: the better of a game, the more ‘in’ they are. This human-size Jenga game starts at 25 inches high, which will encourage your whole office to think outside the box at your next company party. Plus, it doubles as a great team-building activity.

Amazon, $141

For the founder who is growing … fast.

Nespresso® with Nespresso® Peet’s Espresso Capsules

Your founder started something cool. And then it got cooler. Now? It’s on fire—and the office needs coffee to keep going. But hey, you’re trendy, so you shouldn’t settle for watered-down, break room coffee. Instead, go in together on an espresso machine with a sampler pack of Peet’s coffee so that they can fulfill their caffeine needs all day long— without even stepping out of the office. They’ll appreciate having one less item on their to-do list to think about, trust us. Bottoms up!

BedBathAndBeyond and Peets, $250 and $30, respectively

For the office snacker

Olympia Provisions Royale Sampler

That person who always seems to be eating, no matter the time of day? They need this. And you’ll probably want a bit, too. This sampler of 13 salami offerings will take his taste buds to France, Italy, Spain, and Greece. The rest of his body, however, won’t go far.

Olympia Provisions, $130