Millennials in this American city are carrying the most debt

New data from online loan marketplace LendingTree shows that San Antonio is the American city where Millennials have “the most debt,” with a median debt balance of $27,122 — not including mortgages.

Researchers took a look at “anonymized credit report data of My LendingTree users who live in the 50 biggest metro areas in the U.S.” to compile the data. They were born anywhere between the years 1981 and 1996.

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The 10 cities where Millennials have the most debt

Here they are, plus the average percentages of what highly contributes to Millennials’ “total debt balances.” Again, these don’t include mortgages:

1) San Antonio: median balance of $27,122, with car loans making up 43.2% of “total debt balances”

2) Pittsburgh: median balance of $26,403, with student debt being 45.7% of all debt

3) Austin: median balance of $26,164, with 18.1% of all debt being from credit cards and 37.1% being from car loans

4) Houston: median balance of $25,978, with 42.5% of all debt being car loans

5) Jacksonville, FL: median balance of $$25,947, with auto loans making up 38.5% of all debt and student debt making up 37.1% of it

6) Dallas: median balance of $25,939, with car loans making up an average of 39.9% of all debt

7) Washington: median balance of $25,810, with 46.9% of all money to be paid back being student debt

8) Virginia Beach, VA: median balance of $25,591, with 18.9% of all debt being from credit cards, 11.9% of all debt being from personal loans and 35.4% from student loans

9) Oklahoma City: median balance of $25,351, with car loans making up 39.3% of all debt

10) Columbus, OH: median balance of $25,129, with 48.1% of all debt being from student loans

The LendingTree senior research analyst who headed up the research commented on the data in a statement:

“The Millennial generation makes up the younger portion of adults, and as they build their careers, families and communities, they’re doing it encumbered by personal debt,” said Kali McFadden.

The 10 cities where Millennials have the least debt

Let’s take a look at the opposite end of the spectrum— these numbers also don’t include mortgages, of course:

41) San Diego: median balance of $20,751

42) Miami: median balance of $20,715

43) Louisville, KY: median balance of $20,643

44) Providence, RI: median balance of $20,505

45) Salt Lake City: median balance of $20,412

46) Detroit: median balance of $19,978

47) New York: median balance of $19,631

48) Los Angeles: median balance of $19,299

49) Sacramento, CA: median balance of $18,691

50) San Jose, CA: median balance of $18,376

Check out the full chart with average percentages of what contributes to Millennials’ debt in every city (credit cards, student debt, car loans, personal loans and more).