These are the 15 cities with the most $100K+ jobs in August 2018

The summer may be coming to an end but the job market is still going strong. Payroll processor ADP reported on Wednesday that businesses added 219,000 jobs in July in the U.S. meaning the country has been seeing gains in the job market for three straight months. In fact, economists expect the Labor Department to report 190,000 payroll gains in the public and private sectors at the end of the week.

However, certain cities may have more lucrative opportunities than others which is why Ladders put together a list of the 15 cities hiring the most $100K+ jobs in August using data from its continuously updated database of high-paying jobs.

Check them out — and click through to see which cities and their job openings that might be right for you.

1. San Francisco

Jobs available: 30,053

You definitely need one of these $100K+ plus positions as certain counties in the Bay area label salaries of $100,000 as low income. Check out these jobs in and around San Francisco.

Sample $100K+ jobsRegional Sales Director, AEM Developer

2. New York, NY

Jobs available: 25,041

It’s the culture capital of the world! Who wouldn’t want to work there or near there? Check out these jobs in and around New York.

Sample $100K+ New York jobs: Senior Software Engineer, E-Commerce Systems Analyst

3. Washington, DC

Jobs available: 18,547

There are lots of federal and state government jobs in and around DC and this city offers a lot of opportunities for women in the tech industry. Check out these jobs in and around Washington.

Sample $100K+ Washington jobs: Operations Director, Computer Forensics Analyst


4. Boston, MA

Jobs available: 14,405

Hope you are a Red Sox fan because there are some great opportunities here. Check out these jobs in and around Boston.

Sample $100K+ Boston: Data Scientist, Healthcare IT sales

5. Los Angeles, CA

Jobs available: 13,532

This sunny city has plenty of jobs available in finance, sales, and content marketing. Check out these jobs in and around Los Angeles.

Sample $100K+ Los Angeles jobs: Postdoctoral Scientist (Heart Institute)

6. Chicago, IL

Jobs available: 11,853

A great city if you can deal with a harsh winter. Check out these jobs in and around Chicago.

Sample $100K+ Chicago jobs: Java Solution Architect, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

7. Dallas, TX

Jobs available: 9,014

With many corporate giants having their headquarters in North, TX there are plenty of great jobs to choose from. Check out these jobs in and around Dallas.

Sample $100K+ Dallas jobs: Commercial Roofing Sales Manager, Neurology Territory Manager

8. Atlanta, GA

Jobs available: 8,628

Home to more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies there are so many jobs here the city has been dubbed an ‘employee’s market.’ Check out these jobs in and around Atlanta.

Sample $100K+ Atlanta jobs: Senior Audit Manager, System Architect

9. Seattle, WA

Jobs available: 8,416

There are more companies than Amazon in Seattle. This city is actually one of the ones seeing the most gains in workers this year. Check out these jobs in and around Seattle.

Sample $100K+ Seattle Jobs: Heroku Developer, Data Scientist

10. Philadelphia, PA

Jobs available: 8,205

One of our nation’s most historic cities is looking to hire in many different industries. Plus good news! According to new data Pennsylvania is one of the most fun states to live in. Check out these jobs in and around Philadelphia.

Sample $100K+ Philadelphia jobsVice President, Operational & Strategic Solutions, Global Clinical Research CRO

11. Denver, CO

Jobs available: 6,388

Denver’s tech scene is flourishing right now and companies are hiring a lot. Check out these jobs in and around Denver.

Sample $100K+ Denver jobs: Wireless Construction Manager, Structural Forensics Engineer

12. Houston, TX

Jobs available: 5,339

According to Taylor Smith Consulting, Houston could add up to 70,000 jobs this year.  Check out these jobs in and around Houston, TX.

Sample $100K+ Houston jobsData Analyst

13. Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN

Jobs available: 5,033

Minnesota is having a sizzlin’ summer when it comes to the job market. In May the state added over 10,000 jobs and the unemployment level fell to the lowest point since mid-2000. Some of the industries that are hiring the most include professional and business services, leisure and hospitality, construction, trade, transportation and utilities, and manufacturing.

Sample $100K+ Minneapolis jobs: Metals Recycling ManagerEnterprise Sales – BPO

14. Austin, TX

Jobs available: 4,571

Job openings in Austin in July exceeded 43,000 which is 10% more than in June 2017, according to data compiled by the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce.

Sample $100K+ Austin jobs: Lead Software Engineer, Warehouse Coordinator

15. Baltimore, MD

Jobs available: 4,479

According to BizJournals, the Baltimore area has experienced a 13% growth in private-sector jobs between 2009 and 2017.

Sample $100k K+ Baltimore jobs: eCommerce Sales Manager – Consumer Products (CPG)Deputy Chief Information Security Officer