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Bad sleep habits cost companies over $136 billion in lost productivity

So you got a bad night of sleep? Maybe you are a bit tired at work the next morning? Maybe this actually happens a few nights per week? No big deal, right? WRONG.


The 3 most harmful sleeping habits for professionals

The era of burning the candles at both ends has burnt out.


Survey: Sleep habits are problematic on a global scale

New research shows that 67% of adults around the world believe sleep has a major impact on their personal wellness, and "worrying" is the top culprit.


3 easy things you can do to relax and unwind from stress

While your job might encourage you to keep going all the time, it’s always healthier to stop and figure out a way to restore your own sanity.


Why the theory behind SoulCycle’s newest workout should be applied to your career

This philosophy behind the newest offering from SoulCycle, SoulActivate, sounds like a good way to approach your work as well — just leave the spandex at home.


This is why it’s a good idea to step out of the office and head outside

When the busy workday gets to be too much, some of us go outside for a much-needed breather to go look at the nature surrounding us.


Science says this is the optimal time to drink your coffee

The pros and cons of drinking coffee could be debated for hours. But, this is no debate: You have probably been drinking your coffee at the wrong time of day for years.


This is how you can use anxiety to help you succeed

Good news for worrywarts everywhere. Your ability to remember events in excruciating, embarrassing detail can actually be a benefit that sets you apart from the rest. A new study found that people with manageable levels of anxiety were able to improve their ability to recall memories.


How work teams can stay on track when multiple people are out sick

It's possible for more than one person on your team to be out sick at the same time. Here are steps employees and managers can take to stay on track at work when this is the case.

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How to embrace mental wellness in startup culture

Mental health issues are especially prominent among founders and people who play major roles in entrepreneurial endeavors.