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7 things in your diet that could be sabotaging your sleep

If you struggle with insomnia, striving for the right balance of these foods, drinks, and specific nutrients may help you get a good night’s rest.

Food at Work

The real reason you should have a lemon everyday

When you down enough lemon, you improve your stomach’s ability to break down the foods you’re consuming. Such an easy way to boost your health, right?


If you sleep less than 7 hours, you are more likely to crash your car

Before worrying about how your workday is going to go, first, worry about how you are going to get there, and if you're OK to drive.


For better or worse, our minds are hardwired to forgive people

A new study suggests that we keep giving people who have wronged us the benefit of the doubt because deciding to forgive people is out of our control.


You should be sleeping outdoors

Just a short bit of time can do wonders for your body, mind, and soul, and in this case you don't even have to be awake.

Food At Work

Nutritionists on what you should never, ever do during the day

"Office settings are generally conducive to peer pressure ... making it easier to fall off your healthy-eating bandwagon."

Office Life

70% of female executives feel bullied by women – Here’s how to stop it

"I can see how it is easy to fall into bullying roles themselves — often those who are bullied end up turning into bullies."


This is how much you need to work out to burn off that Pumpkin Spice Latte

Consumer Affairs took a look at a Pumpkin Spice Latte and not only broke down the contents of it but also what you would need to do in order to burn it off.

Morning Routine

Workers in this industry take the longest to get ready for work in the morning

According to a new survey from Best Mattress Brand of over 1,000 people, those who worked for the government took the longest to get ready at 42 minutes.


Why you keep waking up covered in sweat

It could be cancer. It could be spicy food. But there could be another reason you get the night sweats when you're sleeping.


Smartphone detoxing: An antidote to the age of brain drain

Starting today, make a deliberate choice to unplug. Remember, detoxing is a habit. It takes time to build new habits. Don’t aim for a radical change.


6 way to make the red-eye flight tolerable

If you’re rocking the red-eye, you may be worried about having a bummer of a time on that plane. But it doesn’t have to be tortuous.


The average social security benefit does not cover basic living expenses: A state-by-state look

This visualization signals an ugly truth: Social security, on its own, hardly affords anyone a decent standard of living.

The Whole Human

Jessica Alba’s self-confidence hack might surprise you

The actress and entrepreneur sat down with Arianna Huffington and spoke about self-confidence, handling rejection and learning from failure.

Personal Finance

San Francisco is so expensive over 50% of tech workers say they can’t afford to start families

If you can't afford a house in San Francisco and the surrounding areas there is a good chance you can't afford to have children either.

Mental Health

How to fit mindfulness meditation into a busy work day

Don't expect to be a mindfulness whiz right away. It takes practice, and the more you practice, the more centered you're bound to feel.


The global misery index has reached its highest levels in years

It's a sad, sad, sad, sad world! A tide of negative emotions has led to the Negative Experiences Index reaching the highest it has been in 12 years.


Why team sports can help you live longer

It pays to play well with others: A new study shows that people who participated in team activities had a health advantage over people who exercised alone.


This is what happens in your brain when you sleep

Sleeping can feel as effortless as turning off the lights and waking up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, but your brain is way more active than you think.


These are the most (and least) happy states in America

Hawaii tops the list as the happiest, while West Virginia lands at the bottom. "People who are happier overall tend to be happier in their jobs."


5 tips to help you break your bad habits once and for all

These are the steps we can take to combat bad habits before they completely take over our lives. It’s time to take the control back.

Personal Finance

8 things you’re spending too much money on – and how to stop

There’s a handful of things we all spend too much on, but a few painless tweaks can add up to major savings. Here are some tips on budgeting.

According to Science

9 ways multitasking is killing your brain and productivity, according to neuroscientists

Your brain isn’t built for multitasking and managing the barrage of information it faces daily. The best way to protect it is to practice single-taking.

Mental Health

4 ways to deal with the ‘September Scaries’

Things start to feel a whole lot different as summer’s ending so here's what you can do to deal with the September Scaries.


29% of workers say stress leads to productivity problems in the office

29% of American workers said stress reduces work productivity – 8% shut down completely and 21% say their work quality suffers.