These are the 15 cities with the most $100K+ jobs in October 2018

It is a great time to be looking for a job as nationally, unemployment is at a 49 year low! The job market hasn’t been this good since December of 1969. According to the latest data, the U.S. economy added 134,000 jobs last month. This means there is more than one job opening for every unemployed person.

However, certain cities may have more lucrative opportunities than others which is why Ladders put together a list of the 15 cities hiring the most $100K+ jobs in October using data from its continuously updated database of high-paying jobs.

Check them out — and click through to see which cities and their job openings that might be right for you.

1. San Francisco

Jobs available: 26,806

The city by the bay may not have made Glassdoor’s 25 Best Cities for Jobs list but it still has plenty to offer, especially in the tech industry. Check out these jobs in and around San Francisco.

Sample $100K+ jobs:  Chief Financial OfficerInfra Qualification Lead

2. New York, NY

Jobs available: 22,089

There has been a boom in healthcare jobs recently with 18% growth across the state. Check out these jobs in and around New York.

Sample $100K+ New York jobs: Senior Front Office Web Developer, Senior Accountant

The White House. Photo credit: John Haslam via Flickr.

3. Washington, DC

Jobs available: 16,909

There are many openings for jobs in education (3,000) in and around The District. Check out these jobs in and around Washington.

Sample $100K+ Washington jobs: Operating Room RN, Tax Manager

4. Los Angeles, CA

Jobs available: 13,453

This sunny city has plenty of jobs available in finance, sales, and content marketing. Check out these jobs in and around Los Angeles.

Sample $100K+ Los Angeles jobs: Technical Director – Light Iron Los Angeles, Project Manager

5. Boston, MA

Jobs available: 12,953

They are looking to win the World Series and are also home to some incredible job opportunities. Check out these jobs in and around Boston.

Sample $100K+ Boston: Deputy Editor/Writer, Boston College Magazine, Learning & Development Program Manager for Sam Adams

6. Chicago, IL

Jobs available: 11,161

The winters are a little harsh, but you’ll be OK cause you’ll have a great job. Check out these jobs in and around Chicago.

Sample $100K+ Chicago jobs: Experienced Trader, Director of Sales

7. Dallas, TX

Jobs available: 8,651

Dallas recently made Wallet Hub’s 2018 Greenest Cities in America list. Check out these jobs in and around Dallas.

Sample $100K+ Dallas jobs: ERP Business Analyst, Principal Architect

8. Philadelphia, PA

Jobs available: 8,452

One of our nation’s most historic cities is looking to hire in many different industries. Plus good news! According to new data, Pennsylvania is one of the most fun states to live in. Check out these jobs in and around Philadelphia.

Sample $100K+ Philadelphia jobsInformatica Administrator, Associate Attorney

9. Atlanta, GA

Jobs available: 7,760

Salesforce recently announced they would be increasing their workforce in Atlanta. In addition to that there are more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies here. Check out these jobs in and around Atlanta.

Sample $100K+ Atlanta jobs: Urgent Care Physician, CFO

10. Seattle, WA

Jobs available: 7,643

Seattle nabbed 23rd place on Glassdoor’s 25 best cities for jobs report. Check out these jobs in and around Seattle.

Sample $100K+ Seattle Jobs: Technical Account Manager, Sr Product Marketing Manager

11. Denver, CO

Jobs available: 5,534

Denver also made Glassdoor’s list but watch out for some rough commutes. Check out these jobs in and around Denver.

Sample $100K+ Denver jobs: Director of Behavioral Health, Senior Javascript Developer

12. Houston, TX

Jobs available: 4,980

According to Taylor Smith Consulting, Houston could add up to 70,000 jobs this year.  Healthcare and restaurant jobs continue to reign in recruitment. Check out these jobs in and around Houston, TX.

Sample $100K+ Houston jobs: Neurosurgery, Research Assistant III

13. Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN

Jobs available: 4,405

St.Louis, MN came in at No.2 on Glassdoor’s Best Cities for Jobs list. The median home value there is $161,400. Check out these jobs in and around Minneapolis. 

Sample $100K+ Minneapolis jobs: Executive Director, K -12 Academic Programming, Human Resources Staff Attorney

14. Austin, TX

Jobs available: 4,035

Jobs are booming here but housing is also affordable with the median home value at $348,800. Check out these jobs in and around Austin.

Sample $100K+ Austin jobs: Sr. Payroll Processor, Immigration Staff Attorney

15. San Diego, CA

Jobs available: 3,950

You could surf on your lunch break! Check out these jobs in and around San Diego.

Sample $100K+ San Diego jobs: Senior Environmental Specialist, Director of Consulting IT Sales – Public Sector