These are the 15 cities with the most $100K+ jobs in March

The withdrawl of Amazon building its new headquarters in New York is a definite job market loss for the state. JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said in an interview at the National Governors Association Winter Meeting over the weekend, “It wasn’t just the 25,000 jobs that Amazon was going to do. It was probably going to be about 100,000 jobs supporting it.” However, there are still plenty of jobs in New York and many other cities.

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Ladders put together a list of the 15 cities hiring the most $100K+ jobs in March using data from its continuously updated database of high-paying jobs.

Check them out — and click through to see which cities and their job openings that might be right for you.

1. San Francisco

Jobs available: 27,573

Despite the obscene cost of living WalletHub ranked San Francisco in the fourth spot for its job market. Check out these jobs in and around San Francisco.

Sample job: Radiology Manager/Director

2. New York, NY

Jobs available: 23,385

Though Jamie Dimon says Amazon’s withdrawal of building its headquarters in New York cost 100,000 jobs there are still plenty of other places to work! Check out these jobs in and around New York.

Sample job: Regulatory Affairs Manager

3. Washington, DC

Jobs available: 15,871

Washington, D.C. has plenty of jobs in tech but is lacking those with cybersecurity and business inteliigence skills. Check out these jobs in and around Washington.

Sample job: Registry – Med Surg RN

4. Boston, MA

Jobs available: 13,871

You can get a job just in time for St. Patrick’s Day and celebrate in Boston! Check out these jobs in and around Boston.<

Sample job: Digital Services Technical Architect

5. Los Angeles, CA

Jobs available: 12,363

This sunny city has plenty of jobs available in finance, sales, and healthcare. Check out these jobs in and around Los Angeles.

Sample job: Insomnia Research Subject

6. Chicago, IL

Jobs available: 11,064

Good news! Chicago homicides and shootings are way down from previous years. Check out these jobs in and around Chicago.

Sample job: Software Engineer / Data Specialist

7. DallasFort Worth, TX

Jobs available: 8,611

The Dallas-Fort Worth region added 116,400 jobs during 2018 beating out Houston and New York. Check out these jobs in and around Dallas.

Sample job: Chatbot Designer

8. Seattle, WA

Jobs available: 8,269

Seattle is a top destination job market for Gen Z, according to Glassdoor. Check out these jobs in and around Seattle.

Sample job: Senior Big Data Consultant

9. Philadelphia, PA

Jobs available: 7,628

Philadelphia’s tech industry has added 8,000 new jobs since 2013. Check out these jobs in and around Philadelphia.

Sample job: Sr. Bank Regulatory Compliance Analyst

10.  Atlanta, GA

Jobs available: 7,304

In Georgia food industry workers are in particularly high demand. Check out these jobs in and around Atlanta.

Sample job: Chief Financial Officer

11. Denver, CO

Jobs available: 5,838

Though there is a very bad teacher’s strike happening in Denver, the retail and restaurant industries are also actively hiring which helped them rank 13th on WalletHub’s list. Check out these jobs in and around Denver.

Sample job: Senior Data Engineer

12. Houston, TX

Jobs available: 5,414

Not loving the Polar Vortex? You may want to move to Houston. Check out these jobs in and around Houston.

Sample job: Senior Auditor

13Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN

Jobs available: 4,345

Zip Recruiter called Minneapolis the best job market for those who want to work with small to medium-sized businesses. Check out these jobs in and around Minneapolis. 

Sample job: Quality Assurance Analyst

14. Austin, TX

Jobs available: 3,828

Economist Ray Perryman predicts that both Dallas-Plano-Irving and Austin-Round Rock will lead Texas’s economy through job growth over the next 20 years. Check out these jobs in and around Austin.

Sample job: Logistics Manager

15. Phoenix, AZ

Jobs available: 3,749

Though New York is losing out on many Amazon jobs, some of those will be disbursed to 17 other sites including Phoenix. Check out these jobs in and around Phoenix. 

Sample job: Speech Language Pathologist (SLP)

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