These are the 15 cities with the most $100K+ jobs in December 2018

Though General Motors just announced plans to lay off more than 14,000 employees in North America, unemployment across the country is still low and there are plenty of great opportunities out there.

However, certain cities may have more lucrative opportunities than others which is why Ladders put together a list of the 15 cities hiring the most $100K+ jobs in December using data from its continuously updated database of high-paying jobs.

Check them out — and click through to see which cities and their job openings that might be right for you.

1. San Francisco

Jobs available: 28,917

You definitely need one of these $100K+ plus positions as certain counties in the Bay area label salaries of $100,000 as low income. Check out these jobs in and around San Francisco.

Sample job: Salesforce Architect for Cynet

2. New York, NY

Jobs available: 23,325

There are plenty of opportunities already and Amazon hasn’t even moved in yet (they are slated to create 25,000 jobs in New York City.) Check out these jobs in and around New York.

Sample job: Machine Learning Engineer

3. Washington, DC

Jobs available: 17,478

The FBI is relocating some of its jobs from DC to Alabama but there are lots of federal and state government jobs in and around DC still.. Check out these jobs in and around Washington.

Sample job: Federal Web Developer for Accenture

4. Boston, MA

Jobs available: 13,802

Labor and Workforce Development Secretary Rosalin Acosta says the labor force is growing rapidly to meet the needs of employers. Check out these jobs in and around Boston.

Sample job: Technical Support Engineer for Cannon Search Partners

5. Los Angeles, CA

Jobs available: 12,942

This sunny city has plenty of jobs available in finance, sales, and content marketing. Check out these jobs in and around Los Angeles.

Sample job: Director of Business Development for Global Network Recruiting

6. Chicago, IL

Jobs available: 11,555

The winters are a little harsh but you’ll be OK cause you’ll have a great job. Plus Salesforce plans to add 1,000 new jobs over the next five years at their new offices in downtown Chicago. Check out these jobs in and around Chicago.

Sample job: VP of Sales – Network Security for Cube Management

7. Seattle, WA

Jobs available: 8,986

There are more companies than Amazon in Seattle. In fact, Seattle has the most tech jobs with more than 33,000 openings in 2016 and 2017. This is more than double San Francisco’s during those years. Check out these jobs in and around Seattle.

Sample job: Data Warehouse Engineer for Beyondtekit

8. DallasFort Worth TX

Jobs available: 8,819

With many corporate giants having their headquarters in North, TX there are plenty of great jobs to choose from. Check out these jobs in and around Dallas.

Sample job: Mobile Developer for Copart

9. Philadelphia, PA

Jobs available: 8,600

One of our nation’s most historic cities is looking to hire in many different industries. Plus good news! According to new data, Pennsylvania is one of the most fun states to live in. Check out these jobs in and around Philadelphia.

Sample job: Certified Genetic Counselor for Hess Associates

10.  Atlanta, GA

Jobs available: 7,964

Georgia unemployment recently reached a 17-year low and with it being home to more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies there are so many jobs here. Check out these jobs in and around Atlanta.

Sample job: Controller for ThyssenKrupp

11. Denver, CO

Jobs available: 6,405

Though Denver’s tech scene is getting a lot of attention, their retail and restaurant industries are also actively hiring. Check out these jobs in and around Denver.

Sample job: Commission Specialist for Compass

12. Houston, TX

Jobs available: 5,177

Houston added 7,100 jobs in October and added 6,300 jobs in September dropping the unemployment rate down to 3.8%.

Check out these jobs in and around Houston, TX.

Sample job: Family Medicine Physician for Houston Methodist Hospital

13. Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN

Jobs available: 4,402

Zip Recruiter called Minneapolis the best job market for those who want to work with small to medium-sized businesses. Check out these jobs in and around Minneapolis. 

Sample job: IT Scrum Master for Express Scripts

14. Austin, TX

Jobs available: 4,183

In addition to a strong job market it is also one of the top housing markets to watch in 2019. 

Sample job: Senior Electrical Engineer for PageSoutherlandPage 

15. Baltimore, MD

Jobs available: 4,020

Maryland has seen an improvement in its job market overall but Baltimore still struggles. The state’s unemployment rate was 4.1% as of October.

Sample job: Director, Commercial Finance for JWM Group, LLC