These are the Top 31 highest-paying jobs hiring near you

High-paying jobs require a thorough education, years of training and dedication to high-quality professional performance. Companies across the county trust Ladders to recruit for their most important roles, and you can find Ladders listing for 31 of the highest-paying jobs here.

31. Network Architect

Network architects play a crucial role in maintaining computer hardware, infrastructure software and virtual system design. Check out these Network Architect roles:

30. Economist

Professional economists monitor market behavior to inform project rollout, product reception and investment best practices. Check out these Economist roles:

29. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors offer wealth management consultation for personal and business portfolios. Check out these Financial Advisor roles:

Market Director at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co in Southport, Connecticut
Global Markets and Securities Services Balance Sheet at Citigroup Inc. in New York, New York
Wealth Management Investment Resources Market Strategist at Morgan Stanley in New York, New York

28. Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineering is an industry that requires highly specialized knowledge of how to use technology in biological and chemical processes. Check out these Chemical Engineer roles:

27. Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers are the minds behind the high-tech defense systems, missiles, aircraft and spacecraft. Check out these Aerospace Engineer roles:

Aerospace Systems Engineer at XWing in San Francisco, California
Senior Aerospace Engineer at L3Harris in Colorado Springs, Colorado
Senior Aerospace Engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton in Colorado Springs, Colorado

26. Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear engineering requires a high level of knowledge and familiarity with nuclear reactor operations. Check out these Nuclear Engineer roles:

25. Actuary

Actuaries are all about risk — they take stock of uncertainties in a business’ balance sheet and assess the risks of certain investments. Check out these Actuary roles:

24. Optometrist

Optometrists deal with one of the most complicated and sensitive parts of the body, without which you wouldn’t even be able to read this. Check out these Optometrist roles:

23. Hardware Engineer

Engineering brings together a number of science and math disciplines, with real-world applications in everything from county government to big business. Check out these Hardware Engineer roles:

22. Operations Manager

Operations managers make sure everything runs smoothly in product design and fabrication, project rollout and system integration. Check out these Operations Manager roles:

21. Pharmacist

Ever feel lost in a deluge of hard-to-pronounce drug and medication names? Some people do that for a living. Check out these Pharmacist roles:

20. Research Scientist

Research scientists bring their tech-savvy skills to a numbers game, working to collect, interpret and visualize large swathes of data. Check out these Research Scientist roles:

19. Purchasing Manager

Large institutions and even mid-size companies wield a high degree of purchasing power in their local communities, and purchasing managers oversee that spending. Check out these Purchasing Manager roles:

18. Human Resources Manager

Any company is as good as its employees, and human resource managers are critical to recruiting the best talent and ensuring a healthy workplace environment. Check out these Human Resources Manager roles:

Principal Human Resources Expert at DXC Technology in Dallas, Texas
Human Resources Manager at SKF Group in Flowery Branch, Georgia
Human Resources Manager at Regal Beloit in Tipp City, Ohio

17. Physicist

Physicists have a high degree of special knowledge and tackle the practical problems of engineers from a theoretical point of view. Check out these Physicist roles:

16. Benefits Manager

Benefits managers empower employees to thrive and live their best lives both at and outside of work. Check out these Benefits Manager roles:

Benefits Manager at Genentech in San Francisco, California
Benefits Manager at Charter Manufacturing Company in Mequon, Wisconsin
Benefits Manager at Schnuck Markets, Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri

15. Sales Manager

Sales managers blend market expertise, dedication to a product and that special people-person charm that wins clients over. Check out these Sales Manager roles:

14. Podiatrist

Most of us rely on our feet to walk the journey of life, but sometimes we can take them for granted. Check out these Podiatrist roles:

13. Attorney

Attorneys can specialize in a wide range of areas, but all attorney roles demand law literacy and the moxy to take on a challenge. Check out these Attorney roles:

12. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers account for economic trends to package products in smart, fresh and innovative ways. Check out these Marketing Manager roles:

Marketing Manager at Veolia in Woodridge, Illinois
Product Marketing Manager at symplr in Overland Park, Kansas
Marketing Manager at Kikoko (remote)

11. Architect

Architects shape urban skylines with their distinct aesthetic styles. Check out these Architect roles:

10. Information Systems Manager

Information systems managers construct and maintain data structures underpinning corporate efficiency and connectivity. Check out more Information Systems Manager roles:

9. Pilot

Good evening, passengers. Buckle up for a smooth ride at the hands of a highly-trained and practiced pilot in control of your aircraft. Check out these Pilot roles:

8. Dentist

Dentists work hard to keep your smile bright and pearly, with years of education and some scary-looking tools. Check out these Dentist roles:

7. Pediatrician

The role of pediatricians in raising the next generation of healthy young professionals cannot be overstated. Check out these Pediatrician roles:

Pediatrician at Steward Health Care in Methuen, Massachusetts
Pediatrician at Wellpath in Karnes City, Texas
Pediatrician at McLaren Regional Medical Center in Bad Axe, Missouri

6. Physician

Medical students train for years to bring their expertise and compassion to your local clinic. Check out these Physician roles:

Physician at ValleyHealth in Woodstock, Virginia
Physician at South Nassau Communities Hospital in Oceanside, New York
Physician at Trinity-Health in Plymouth, Indiana

5. Psychiatrist

Amid increased attention to taking care of our minds as well as our bodies, we cannot take the work psychiatrists do to manage mental illness for granted. Check out these Psychiatrist roles:

Psychiatrist at Wellpath in Fresno, California
Psychiatrist at LifeStance Health in Boston, Massachusetts
Psychiatrist at University of Maryland Medical System in Chestertown, Maryland

4. Orthodontist

Getting braces is a hallmark of going through middle school and becoming an adult. If you’re a responsible adult who still wears a retainer, thank your orthodontist. Check out these Orthodontist roles:

Orthodontist at Western Dental Services in Santa Cruz, California
Orthodontist at American Dental Partners in Depew, New York
Orthodontist at Air Force Space Command in Montgomery, Alabama

3. Gynecologist

Gynecologists are a crucial part of women’s reproductive health. Check out these Gynecologist roles:

2. Surgeon

If you’re under the scalpel, you want to be confident in getting the highest level of expert care from a thoroughly-trained surgeon. Check out these Surgeon roles:

General Surgeon at Inova Health System in Falls Church, Virginia
General Surgeon at Veterans Affairs in Danville, Illinois
General Surgeon at Trinity-Health in Langhorne, Pennsylvania

1. Anesthesiologist

Count backward from ten, and when you wake up, you’ll be all better thanks to an adept and compassionate anesthesiologist. Check out these Anesthesiologists roles: