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IPG Photonics is a manufacturer of fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers. IPG is headquartered in Oxford, Massachusetts, and operates internationally. IPG Photonics developed and commercialized optical fiber lasers, which are used in a variety of applications including materials processing, medical applications and telecommunications. IPG has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany, Russia and Italy. IPG was founded in 1990 in Russia by physicist Valentin P. Gapontsev, a pioneer in the field of fiber lasers and recipient of various awards. In the beginning, IPG made customized glass and crystal lasers, wireless temperature meters for hyperthermy and laser components. The foundations of the industrial fiber laser revolution have been laid In 1992, when the company began focusing on the development of high-power fiber lasers and amplifiers, and a scheme for side-pumping of dual-clad single-mode fibers has been discovered by Dr. V.P. Gapontsev with coworkers. The side-pumping technique very efficiently converts multimode pump light from multiple laser diodes in one output from a single-mode fiber. Together with the fiber’s large surface-to volume ratio, allowing the simplest and most efficient cooling schemes, and all-solid state architecture, insensitive to dirt and vibration, these developments resulted in the most energy efficient, low-cost, compact, robust and reliable laser.


Market Cap$8 billion
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5 Year Trend+10.3%
Net Income$265.1 million
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