These are the 15 happiest cities in the US and how you can get hired in each one

As the International Day of Happiness (March 20) approaches, you should consider, are you happy in your current city? What about in your current job? If the answer to either of those questions is “no” then you should think about making a big move. To ensure your happiness in the rest of 2020, you should start your search with the 20 happiest cities in the US.

Fremont, California claimed the top spot on WalletHub’s 2020 Happiest Cities in America report. The report compared more than 180 of the largest U.S. cities across 30 key indicators of happiness, ranging from depression rate to income-growth rate to average leisure time spent per day.

The three key dimensions, which included emotional and physical well-being, income and employment, and community and environment, were evaluated using 30 relevant metrics.

Find out which cities are the top 15 happiest cities in the United States, and see you can get hired in each one right now.

Source: WalletHub


1. Fremont, California

Fremont, California is the happiest city in the United States, according to the study. Fremont had the third highest sports participation rate out of all the cities. The Northern California city also has the lowest separation and divorce rate, about 15%, which is 3.2 times lower than in Detroit, the city with the highest at about 48%.

  • Total Score: 75.32
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 4
  • Income & Employment Rank: 28
  • Community & Environment Rank: 5

Jobs near Fremont include a Technical Writing Manager for Intel, a Director Content & Storytelling for Intuit, and a Senior SEO Manager at BlueVine.

2. Plano, Texas

  • Total Score: 73.23
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 6
  • Income & Employment Rank: 9
  • Community & Environment Rank: 16

Mitel Networks Corporation is currently hiring for a Writer/Editor Of Business Proposals In Plano, Texas. Jobs near Plano include GM Financial hiring for a Graphic Design Manager and SonicWall  hiring for a Senior Digital Copywriter.

3. San Jose, California

  • Total Score: 73.20
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 1
  • Income & Employment Rank: 11
  • Community & Environment Rank: 64

Sage Intacct is currently hiring for a Documentation Manager In San Jose, California. Absolute Software Corporation is also hiring in San Jose, including an Events & Experiential Marketing Manager.

4. Irvine, California

  • Total Score: 72.81
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 7
  • Income & Employment Rank: 13
  • Community & Environment Rank: 19

Current open roles in Irvine, California include a Marketing Proposal Manager at Layton Construction.

Open positions near Irvine include a Technical Proposal Writer/Manager position at Information Management Resources and a Manager of Creative Services at SecureAuth.

5. Madison, Wisconsin

  • Total Score: 72.19
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 5
  • Income & Employment Rank: 21
  • Community & Environment Rank: 13

Open roles in Madison, Wisconsin include a Network Engineer Level 2 at BaiCells Technologies and a Site Civil Engineer/Project Manager P4 at GraefUSA Inc.

6. Sioux Falls, South Dakota

  • Total Score: 70.26
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 13
  • Income & Employment Rank: 45
  • Community & Environment Rank: 21

Sioux Falls, South Dakota has open roles including Vice President of Finance Accounting at Citigroup Inc and an HR Enterprise Testing Officer at Wells Fargo.

7. Huntington Beach, California

  • Total Score: 69.90
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 8
  • Income & Employment Rank: 70
  • Community & Environment Rank: 44

Infomagnus is currently hiring for a Senior Marketing Specialist in Huntington Beach, California.

Open roles near Huntington Beach, California include a Field Technician Trainer at CyberThink Inc and a Sales Territory Manager at Hanger.

8. Scottsdale, Arizona

  • Total Score: 69.49
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 51
  • Income & Employment Rank: 7
  • Community & Environment Rank: 2

SpyFu is currently hiring for a Front-End Web Developer in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jobs near Scottsdale include a Cyber Security Engineer III at Honeywell and a Manager in Collections at Santander Consumer.

9. Santa Rosa, California

  • Total Score: 69.33
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 10
  • Income & Employment Rank: 34
  • Community & Environment Rank: 32

Jobs in Santa Rosa, California include a Principal Market Development Manager at Medtronic, a Supply Chain Consulting Manager at Grant Thornton, and a Clinical Pharmacist in Cardiology at Sutter Health.

10. Pearl City, Hawaii

  • Total Score: 69.13
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 3
  • Income & Employment Rank: 128
  • Community & Environment Rank: 12

Jobs near Pearl City, Hawaii include a Senior Program Analyst at Booz Allen Hamilton and a Quality Control Manager at ECC, Burlingame.

11. Bismarck, North Dakota

  • Total Score: 68.86
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 18
  • Income & Employment Rank: 15
  • Community & Environment Rank: 31

Open roles in Bismarck, North Dakota include a Security Engineer at Collective Bias, a Behavior Health Support Coordinator at the Anne Carlsen Center, and a 3M HIS Manager at 3M.

12. Fargo, North Dakota

  • Total Score: 68.41
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 26
  • Income & Employment Rank: 32
  • Community & Environment Rank: 30

Open roles in Fargo, North Dakota include a Lead Systems Administrator at Scheels, a Superintendent at Mortenson Construction, and a Quality Manager at CNH Industrial N.V.

13. Lincoln, Nebraska

  • Total Score: 68.33
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 24
  • Income & Employment Rank: 68
  • Community & Environment Rank: 24

Open positions in Lincoln, Nebraska are a Financial Planning and Analysis Manager at Ameritas Life Insurance, a Financial & Business Data Analyst at The University of Nebraska, and a Senior Director of Datacenter Operations at Computer Services.

14. San Francisco, California

  • Total Score: 68.30
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 2
  • Income & Employment Rank: 2
  • Community & Environment Rank: 158

San Francisco is a city ripe for job opportunities, so it’s extremely convenient that it made it on the happiest cities list as well. Currently, Axiom Legal is hiring for a Labor & Employment Lawyer in San Francisco, California. Other open roles a Data Engineer position at FiveStars and a Solutions Architect title at Datacoral.

15. Overland Park, Kansas

Overland Park, Kansas, has the lowest share of adults sleeping less than 7 hours per night, about 26%, which is two times lower than in Detroit, the city with the highest at 50%.

  • Total Score: 68.23
  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being Rank: 35
  • Income & Employment Rank: 48
  • Community & Environment Rank: 8

Oakwood Systems Group, Inc is currently hiring for an SQL DBA in Overland Park, Kansas. Additionally, Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc is looking for a Senior Software Engineer.