MEP Estimator Jobs Near San Francisco, CA

Preconstruction Executive
$200K - $250K

Lead role in providing all deliverables required for RFP responses, e.g., budget/bid, schedule, approach text, etc.. Performs all preconstruction, estimating or bidding functions on all projects with...

Posted 5w ago

  •   15+ years exp.  •  Real Estate & Construction

VDC Senior Project Manager

Manage and participate in data gathering and analysis of metrics for regional and local VDC growth; help develop the infrastructure needed to monitor goals, objectives and business plans; coordinate a...

Posted 4w ago

  •   8 - 10 years exp.  •  Real Estate & Construction

Senior Project Manager

Ensure the effective use of available resources to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the team and the project(s); i.e. VDC, Sustainability, Lean practices, Bradley, SPW, XL Shop, etc...

Posted 5w ago

  •   11 - 15 years exp.  •  Real Estate & Construction

Project Manager - Healthcare Background

Participate in and may lead aspects of Middle Game and End Game business development activities, including the development of responses for RFQ/RFP's. Ensure the timeliness and accuracy of all aspects...

Posted 5w ago

  •   5 - 7 years exp.  •  Real Estate & Construction