5 ways successful people get through the middle of the week

If you work a standard Monday to Friday shift then you know just how tough the middle of it can be. Wednesday, otherwise known as hump day, can be mentally draining to get through as the beginning of it feels like you are entering a torture zone while the end is a gleeful reminder that you only have two more days to go before your hopefully fun and fabulous weekend begins.

Hump Day also has a brand new meaning in 2020 thanks to COVID. This was something that had its ups and downs when millions of us used to spend it in an office environment where factors like a looming boss (think Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada), an annoying colleague who won’t shut up about their personal drama or the dreaded commute to get to said space only made your Wednesday that much more brutal. 

Now we primarily get our work done at home, which, again, can be problematic when it comes to being productive. So many things are a distraction when you are not in such a controlled setting that focusing on the task at hand is quite difficult.

Your bed, couch, television and anything else deemed fantastic by you are calling your name inside your head even though you know darn well that most of those things need to be avoided until its quitting time.

So as we enter a new work week what can we do to ensure that our upcoming Wednesdays are productive to the point where you can give yourselves a little pat on the back for all you’ve accomplished? Here are 5 things you can do to make that happen.

Change of scenery

Who actually wants to spend their 8 or 9-hour workday staring at a computer screen on top a boring desk in front of a basic wall? No one. Spend the hour before your work day begins or your well-deserved lunch break takes place to get away from the norm and see something different. This could be a simple walk around the block to grab coffee or an energetic run through the streets that comes in handy during the winter months.

Refocus, refocus and refocus

Being organized in your work environment is key any day of the week but especially on Wednesday. Start the day by itemizing what you’ve already accomplished, what needs to be taken care of in the most timely of matter and what can get done before your weekend begins.

Make a vision board out of it if that helps that way you can, as the day goes on, constantly check off all those necessary things.

Stay energized

We all get sleepy throughout the day regardless of how busy or not busy it is. It’s human nature. A good way to keep yourself alive and well can actually involve a refreshing treat! Sure, many of us are prone to the typical iced coffee, soda or juice routine in order to keep us awake.

Why not treat yourself (insert Aziz Ansari voice here) to an alternative like an Italian Ice, a tasty candy bar or a bowlful of ice cream as a way to not only remain alert but put a big smile on your face. Yum indeed.

Start a tad early if needed

There were days at my past jobs where I knew that if I got a head start on things then the rest of the shift would go by a bit more smoothly. It can be 15 minutes for you to get organized before things truly begin but that can lead to a world of success for your hump day and the days ahead.

Love what you do, do what you love

COVID has inspired so many people to switch careers for ones that they have had a passion about for years but never had the courage to take. If you love what you do as a profession then hump day will never be something you need to get over.

It will just be another day where you can explore to your heart’s content with the notion that you are where you are supposed to be at this point in your professional life.