What is Ladders’ Profile for Professionals?

Ladders’ Profile for professionals makes promoting your personal brand easier than ever.

And, yes, your personal brand means YOU!

That’s because your Ladders Profile is designed to cut out social clutter and time-wasting.

And to help you connect and network with fellow expert professionals.

So here we’re giving you a step-by-step guide to easy brand optimization!

Public profile feature highlights.
A Public Profile page on Ladders.

Your Profile – Brand Image

First of all, you’ll want to make sure you have a great photo to showcase the expert behind the expertise, just like in our image above. So here’s how you go from this…

The photo upload option on Ladders profile page.
Get ready to show the expert behind the expertise – the easy way!

…to the bright and welcoming profile page shown.

Click in the Add Photo section shown.

(This will open your computer file options, where you can browse freely.)

Choose your image.

(At this point you’ll be able to easily resize or crop the image to fit.)

When you’re happy, click Save and your photo will upload!

For in-depth details about your photo, learn how to optimize your image!

Your Profile – Ask an Expert

Profile feature demonstrating member areas of expertise.
Highlight your expertise on Ladders.

Here’s where the world – including high-end employers and Ladders recruiters – see what areas of expertise you can bring to the table.

Simply click in a box and type in one area of expertise. Add as many as you wish, easily delete or edit fields, and you’re done!

Expertise? Proof, Please!

The Request a Reference feature on Ladders Public Profile.
Careers in 2022: Who you know and who knows you!

Request a reference from fellow experts who are happy to confirm that your career is based on real professionalism and tangible achievement.

Click in the Request a Reference section, place an email address in the field that pops up, click Request Reference, and a simple reference request will be sent.

You’ll also be given the option to upload your contacts to Ladders for networking and other member opportunities.

And the more references you give and receive, the more kudos is given to your professional standing in your Network Strength rating!

A Very Professional Profile

And if that wasn’t easy enough, the following three items use exactly the same actions, while building your online reputation one step at a time.

The People I've Reported to feature on Ladders Public Profile.
Top of the team: managers and bosses in your contacts.
The People I've Worked With feature on Ladders Profile.
Dream team: Your colleagues.
The People Who Reported to Me feature on Ladders Profile.
Expert help: Colleagues you guided.

A History of Excellence

The Where I've Worked work history feature on Ladders Profile.
The area where it’s super simple to add your work history.

Click Edit or Add Employment in this section and the image you see above will open up. From there, it couldn’t be easier to add your work history – starting with current or previous employment, of course!

Click Save when done. To add another, simply click the Add Employment option at bottom left.

Excellence by Degrees

The Where I've Studied feature on Ladders Profile.
The start of it all: Education. Expertise. Excellence.

Click Add Education in this section and the image you see above will open up. Give the details of the qualifications you earned and click Save. To add another, click Add Education again.

Online Opportunities

The message me feature on Ladders profile page.
Open to messages (Green check) but not optimized

Here you ensure the check mark at bottom right is green-for-go! Online networking is increasingly important and this is where you say, “Hey, if you’re a fellow professional interested in my expertise, let’s talk!”

Also, as you add more info to the other areas of your profile, this section becomes optimized for professional interest:

The optimized message me feature on Ladders profile.
As more info is added to the profile, this section is optimized.

Additionally, you can also add offers to help your fellow professionals:

The mentoring offer on Ladders Profile.
Networking, mentoring, helping.

As the text in the box suggests, info added to your profile makes this area more dynamic.

And if you’re one of our many high-end recruiters, you can link your recruiter account directly to your Ladders account and get to know your upcoming $100K+ candidates.

Let’s Preview You!

The Preview button on Ladders Profile.
Preview your progress and go from there!

Introduce Yourself!

The Introduction section of Ladders profile page.
Introduce yourself with a headline and intro!

Your headline should be a title that sums up your career to this point: Focused Financial ExpertAccomplished Business Leader or whatever you feel is the right thing to say!

Give your introduction in a conversational, straightforward way. There’s a person behind the expert and that person is professional, approachable and clearly a team-player!

Also added automatically to the end of this section are the specialties you chose and which can be updated at any time – right from this page.

Build Your Dream Team

The post a job feature on Ladders profile page.
Post a job to target Ladders talent.

Building your team? Post a job to Ladders’ pool of highly qualified, highly experienced professionals.

With upgrade to Premium, Ladders Club members gain 1 job post per subscription year – valued at $397 – included with their subscription payment.

Want to beat the downturn with an upgrade? Here’s how it looks.

Your Brand in the Media

The media post and social media links on Ladder profile page.
Getting your brand in the spotlight through Ladders.

If your company has any media assets, showcase them through your Ladders In the Media option.

Then optimize your social media links to complete a fully professional $100K+ Ladders member profile.

Going Public

Ok – you’ve made your Ladders Profile everything it can be, but now you’re wondering how to actually make it public, so you can network and be seen by high-end recruiters and hiring managers.

It’s really simple and a step-by-step guide to help make your profile public is available to help you.

Career Focus – Expert Profile

So here’s how your profile page fits into the  Ladders membership big picture.

With your:
up-to-date resume
targeted job search, and optimized
Expert Profile page

you have a threefold resource for career success.

Tailored by you, targeted by us, and designed to promote your professional brand.

So how do I get my Public Profile?

You can sign up for a Basic membership with Ladders FREE and check it out for yourself.

Already a member? Simply sign in, click your name in the top right corner, and click Public Profile in the dropdown menu.

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