Learning Ladders: What is Ladders’ Profile for Professionals?

Ladders’ Profile for professionals makes promoting your personal brand easier than ever.

And, yes, your personal brand means YOU!

That’s because your Ladders Profile is designed to cut out social clutter and time-wasting.

And to help you get paid for any expertise you care to share.

In other words, this is a profile page designed for $100K+ professionals that’s as focused as you are.

Public Profile page feature highlights.
A Profile page on Ladders.

Your Professional Profile lets you:

  • Monetize your expertise with “Call Me” and “Email Me” features. (Premium members can choose their own prices.)
  • Highlight your specific skills to start constructive conversations.
  • Set your preferences for being contacted about speaking and/or mentoring. 
  • Send invitations to potential referrers and highlight those who accept. (Also, highlight those you’ve provided references for.)
  • Advertise openings at your company in a dedicated promotional space.
  • Stay up-to-date with news and views.
  • Promote your social media presence through instantly accessible on-page links.

So not only do you gain a dedicated space to showcase your personal brand, you gain an actionable area in which to move your career plan forward, cut out time-wasters, and optimize opportunity.

Now let’s expand on four simple benefits:

Career Focus – Expert Profile

Here’s the place your Ladders membership comes together.
With your:
up-to-date resume
targeted job search, and optimized
Expert Profile page
you have a threefold resource for career success.

Tailored by you, targeted by us, and designed to promote your professional brand.

Expert Etiquette – Call Me, Email Me

Image of the Call Me, Email Me paid feature on Ladders Public Profile Page.
Ladders Call Me, Email options on your Public Profile Page.


Cut back on time-wasters and communicate with professionals who respect your expertise and your time.

When fellow experts are willing to invest in your knowledge, reasonable work requests are the result.

And your options are optimized without unnecessary interference.

High-End Jobs – Ask Me for a Referral

Image of an ad asking for contacts to be uploaded to optimize public profile.
Ladders members can earn kudos and cash from their own companies the easy way.

Show your willingness to help your company and help other professionals move up.

Promote positions at your company and earn additional income from its rewards program.

Upload your contacts today and create an expert network of like-minded, career-focused professionals.

Real Reviews – My References

Image of the My References section of Ladders' Public Profile page.
With your contacts uploaded, requesting a reference couldn’t be easier.

Showcase those fellow professionals who are only too happy to sing your praises and explain to the world what your expertise has meant to them.

Pick your best three as a Basic, or build your network strength as a Premium Member to show recruiters who you know and who knows you.

Or read here as Ladders founder and CEO Marc Cenedella explains it properly.

So how do I get my Public Profile?

You can sign up for a Basic membership with Ladders FREE and check it out for yourself.
Already a member? Simply sign in, click your name in the top right corner, and click Public Profile in the dropdown menu. Easy.

Ok – so tell me more about Ladders!

Ladders is the #1 careers site for $100K+ jobs.

Since 2003, we’ve helped make our members stronger candidates for $100K+ positions by providing the tools, expertise, and advice necessary for success.

And our features are specifically designed for focused professionals ready for the next step and planning to continue moving up in their careers.

With 25,000+ verified recruiters and 250,000+ screened jobs, we know how to help professional talent succeed in their career plans.

Ready to step up?

We’re rooting for you.

Ladders Team

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