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Controller Perks Up for Second Job Offer

When Doreen Livorine’s commitment to move to warmer weather led her to take a job that wasn’t the right fit, she prepped herself for her second job search in a year.

Ex-Military Fire Chief Returns to War Zone

How Air Force veteran-turned-fire-chief Sandy Sanders tailored his resume to land a hot new job.

Searching While Waiting on the Layoff List

Laid off after 17 years in one company, Nicholas Haaf needed to relearn the job-search ropes.

Part-time MBA Finds Full-time Work

After two years in the Atlanta area, customer-service specialist Mike Walzak found a new job in the town he’d left.

A Dramatic Career Change for a Marketing Pro

Creative Director Jason Cocovinis found a new job as an experiential marketer at a dramatic-licensing shop.

Executive Overcomes Gaps in Her Resume

Joann Starke details how she overcame HR prejudices and explained how sometimes your personal life needs more attention than your work life Being unemployed for more than two years didn’t change Joann Starke’s assessment of her ability to do her job.

Tuning Up a Career in Music Making

After a reorganization that eliminated his job, Chris Anderson wondered if he could turn his hobby of guitar playing into his work.

Aerospace Plant Manager Launches Successful Job Search

Phillip Sambrooks found a new job in Chicago during the economic downturn Phillip Sambrooks’ company was in growth mode.

Hired! From Army Reservist to Veterans HR

Banker turned Army officer lands job in Department of Veterans Affairs.

12 Daily Habits to Boost Your Hire-ability

A list of 12 tasks job seekers should do every day to get hired.

Retired Salesman Returns to the Job-Search Fray

With a declining retirement fund, Chuck Jordan took his 28 years of experience and re-entered California’s sales market.

Loaned Office Space Pays Off for Banker

After being laid off, Detroit banker Jeff Ciochetto lands a job with M&T Bank in Pennsylvania in just six months.

Regional Sales Manager Finds Higher Pay in Medical Sales

In a shrinking economy, sales manager, Michael Meyer, led a bold job search for an employer that could offer higher pay in the medical field "Some days, in sales you can feel like you are on top of the world.

Landing a Job — Without Relocating or Switching Sectors

Market researcher lands job without picking up her life in Bethesda, Md.

Hired! Dentist Bridges Gap as Salesman

"I’m not the Tooth Fairy!

Hired! Switching Lanes from Auto to Chemical Sales

An automotive salesperson switches industries and lands a job selling specialty chemicals.

Project Manager Deploys Army Training to Land Sales Job

Michael Stark leveraged his army aviation experience to land a sales job in Waco, Texas that required aircraft knowledge.

Hired! Steering Away from the Auto Industry Crisis

Platform manager leaves Detroit’s auto industry and lands director of quality job in Missouri.

Switching Industries: Exec Tells All

Kevin left a top consumer products company and moved halfway across the U.

Cashing In at Dow Jones

A software developer focuses his job search on financial services and lands a job at Dow Jones.

Designer Clears Security to Land Defense Job in DC

A Washingtonian looks for a new job in Washington, DC’s defense industry.

Real Estate Director Plans Exit Strategy

One job seeker lands a job in insurance after leaving a strained real-estate industry.

When a Layoff Leads to a Better Life

Multiple layoffs lead to better jobs and more income for one national sales manager.

Hired! Persistence Pays off with Data-Storage Job

Sales manager seeks more job security and lands a senior analyst position without relocating.

Hired! Time for a Change

Washington Mutual manager stretched job search Looking for a way to change careers while using his existing skill set was a challenge Brian Stetter had been dealing with for at least a year.