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Survey: 25% of employees think they have ‘excellent’ work-life balance

New research shows 25% of employees think they have "excellent" work-life balance and 26% "of business leaders" say work-life balance falls on the worker.


3 ways to apply what you learned at a conference to your career

You should aim to keep the momentum going — here are three ways to apply what you learned at a conference to your career.

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How to make friends at your brand new job

You got a new job – woohoo! A quick internet search or a quick chat with your new company’s HR person will help you learn a lot of the thing you might need to know in order to be successful…except how to make friends.


Study says people over 40 could excel in a three-day workweek

You're about to get really excited about turning the big 4-0. A new study finds that workers over 40 are more productive over a three-day period.


Why summer is the best time to ask for a promotion

While some of us consider summer to be a time for vacation, it may be the best time to hustle and ask for a promotion, according to a new report.

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On why your disagreeable employee is a strong hire

Not every hire should be a skeptic about your mission, but it behooves you to hire some disagreeable employees to question your decisions.

The Future of Work

How ClassPass’s new app is a game changer for business travelers

With the tremendous rise of boutique fitness classes a few years ago ClassPass was a game changer with its subscription model for an array of all those great, but expensive workouts. Now with their latest investment round of $85 million led by Tamasek they have rolled out a new standalone app, which will be huge for business travelers who want to stay fit. 

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Want to lead? Here are 8 things you don’t get to do

If you want to influence our behaviors and lead us to achievement, here are 8 things you don’t get to do.


4 companies that tailor to female entrepreneurs

Potential entrepreneurs: If you’re thinking about going out on a limb or advancing your career, it’s worth an email to these powerful movers-and-shakers.

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New study finds parents are paying more than ever for childcare

Higher costs are only resulting in more families that can't pay for it.

Words at Work

Leaders: Stop speaking with the royal ‘you’

My "royal you" assessment: When we are asked to talk about ourselves, we feel funny using “I” because it feels like bragging or speaking out of turn.


A professor explains why networking is a waste of time and what you should be doing instead

The “heart” of networking is rooted in selfishness, taking and using; while the great leaders all teach us that true success comes through serving.


3 simple ways to bust out of a ‘summer funk’

It seems almost everyone talks about how depressed they feel during short, dark winter days, but very few people discuss the summer funk.


The dark side of collaboration and how to fight back

Multiple minds rarely think alike, yet joint decisions must be forged. This, of course, is both the curse and the magic of collaboration.


Why smart people never bring smartphones into meetings

You are annoying your boss and colleagues any time you take your smartphone out during meetings — and women and people over 40 they're even more perturbed.

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3 ways to set yourself up for a promotion

To changing your mentality around a promotion, here are three practical ways to improve your image and exposure at the office.

Work-Life Balance

The people with the most free time live in these states

Feel like you have no free time? Perhaps you are living in the wrong state. Coleman Furniture conducted a survey of all 50 states to see which workers have the most free time and they came out with some rather interesting findings. 


France is banning smartphones in schools. Should employers follow?

Children in France will now have to leave their smartphones behind when they go to class. Is this a "public health message" more employers should follow?


Rhythms and red flags: How two restauranteurs prevent friction and frustration for employees

They show why many small problems are essential to prevent early — especially those that are linked to other essential and interconnected tasks.

Age at Work

5 stereotypes about older workers debunked

We explored some of the views managers held about older workers. Here are five of the most common stereotypes, and how they can be challenged.


Before you choose a work spouse, read this

Picking your work spouse can greatly improve your happiness in the office. Or it can completely ruin your life. Here are 6 tips to keep in mind.

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Is it OK to exhibit your superstitions in the workplace?

So, is it okay to exhibit superstitions all the time at work? According to an expert on, it depends on how heavily you rely on them.

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How to become the go-to employee for your boss

Soon, you’ll be assets to one another — and there’s no better boss-employee relationship than one that’s mutually beneficial.

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What you need to drink in every work situation, according to an expert

Finding your drink for different work situations whether it be a business dinner, a networking cocktail party or even a happy hour where your manager is still in sight is very important.


New York workers may soon be guaranteed 12 weeks of bereavement leave

When a family member dies people can suffer unspeakable loss and need time to grieve. If they live in New York all workers may soon be guaranteed 12 weeks of bereavement leave if a new bill passes.