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Study: This is why negative feedback so often backfires — and how to do better

New research finds that when workers hear criticism, they rarely take it to heart. Instead, they seek out people who will tell them they're great. Here's how to do better.


4 ways employers can support workers of all ages

Here's what companies can do to make sure employees of all generations feel engaged, because many workers don't feel that way.


This is why the holidays can make us feel terrible — and what to do about it

Although the holidays can be a festive time of togetherness and family, for those of us who are lonely, the holidays can be unhappy and isolating.


9 ways to make your cold emails more successful

The perfect letter of introduction is hard to come by, and even harder to write. Why it’s important to craft one and what to include or leave out.


Here’s how to find out what your coworkers really think about you

Too many of us are operating under the illusion that our coworkers see us as we see ourselves. The only way to stop these surprises is to gather feedback.

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5 ways to create a private oasis in public spaces

In the age of co-working spaces, how can you hold onto a semblance of privacy when you’re surrounded by noise and distractions?


4 steps to 5-minute meetings

Trying to cut the bloat from meetings might lead to more effective time management and less wasted time during your day. Here are four steps to try.


8 lessons you’ll learn if you quit your job to travel

Eight digital nomads share what they learned from quitting their jobs to travel the globe — and how it might be a possibility for you, too.


4 ways to get back on your manager’s good side again at work

After a misunderstanding with your boss, here's how to make your actions speak for you when you need to get back on your manager's good side.

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These were the worst excuses for missing work in 2017

Some people go to absurd lengths in order not to come to work. These are the worst excuses we've seen this year that people used to take a sick day.


Here are the ‘top motivations’ for people in these 4 career stages

Employees fall into four distinct career stages — "Newbie," "Sophomore," "Tenured," and  Sage." This is what motivates each group the most.

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4 tips for writing an office goodbye message on your way out the door

Whether you quit or were fired, it's important to make a good impression on your way out. Here's what to keep in mind while writing a goodbye message.


6 company-wide health challenges for 2018

Improving your overall quality of life, happiness, and health is never a bad idea — regardless of what date on the calendar jumpstarts your inclination.


The 17 worst passwords of 2017

Researchers took a look at more than five million leaked passwords from largely Western European and North American users. These were the worst of them.


Study: This is the secret way your boss is snubbing you

When you're holding a phone at work, you may nod and speak at the right intervals, but people read your smartphone's presence as disinterest.

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3 ways to work with someone who won’t respond to your messages

You might be wondering how to keep the ball rolling so you don't fall behind. Here are three steps that can get the job done.


How to rebuild burned bridges at work

Remember that time you told off your boss in front of everyone else in the department and then flipped her the bird for good measure? Here's how to recover.


No, everyone’s not having fun without you

The first step to realizing that you have generalized FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is recognizing the triggers that cause it in you.


4 ways that leaders can prepare for change

No leader and no work situation is perfect, but there are ways to ensure that you're covered if something changes unexpectedly.

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Study: This is why Snapchat is bad for your career

Temporary social media like Snapchat and Instagram Stories pushes us to share risky photos, but they don't disappear from the recipients' minds.


This is why meetings wreck productivity

In big companies, communicating that work is being done is often more important than actually doing any real work. Meetings kill productivity. Here's why.

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These are the 4 new rules of OOO

In the new realm of working, where most assignments can be completed remotely and many are expected to check-in on vacation, have the rules of OOOs changed?

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How to handle a holiday-party hangover at work

Hungover at work and want to put your best foot forward without face-planting? Let these pros teach you a trick or two about how to get better quickly.


This is how to get people to do what you say at the office

As anyone who has experienced a miscommunication at work knows all too well, giving instructions is not as easy as telling someone what to do.

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4 things that won’t be good for your career during the holidays

The holidays are here, and people are ready for some much-needed time off. Here's what you shouldn't be doing when it comes to your career this season.