7 weird terms people are using during the Coronavirus pandemic that you should know

As many of us continue working at home, perhaps even through the summer, the language and terms we use have started changing. We’re in “lockdown” which means we can barely socialize with anyone. We have to Zoom into the office — which does not imply driving anywhere.

Increasingly, new terms have started popping up that might seem like headscratchers.

Fortunately, these new terms don’t have to be so puzzling anymore. Here are the latest words and phrases people are using during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Infodemic

A popular term used on social media, infodemic has multiple purposes. For most people it is a nod to the misinformation we’re all seeing online and on social media. Like the pandemic itself, an infodemic can cause fear and consternation, especially if there’s no factual backing.

2. Tyrannovirus

Another strange term that has popped up in everyday conversation is tyrannovirus, which is not only a description of the virus itself but how the pandemic has wreaked havoc in society as a whole. COVID-19 is an aggressive disease that passes easily between people.

3. The Great Pause

While this phrase might not become the primary description for this strange period of time, it does have a chance. It’s a slightly more positive spin than describing a pandemic only in terms of the negative repercussions. The lockdown period has given us a chance for self-reflection.

4. Zoombombing

Before the video chat app started requiring passwords and improved their security, the phrase Zoombombing became popular. It means someone has found a link to your meeting and shows up unannounced, sometimes not wearing any clothing.

5. Covidiot

Another derogatory term, a covidiot is someone who spreads misinformation, attacks other people for their health practices, or is simply trying to cause dissension and confusion. It perfectly describes that social media poster who keeps irritating all of us.

6. Coronacation

Perhaps you have already done one of these. For anyone who decides to take a break but stays at home even though they’d prefer to be in Florida, a coronacation is basically a vacation at home where you can’t go anywhere or do anything — but still need a break.

7. The Beast

We’ll finish with the phrase that has come up frequently during the pandemic, and which medical personnel often use. The Beast is their term for the virus, which tends to spread between humans just by coughing or sneezing.