The top 10 companies offering the most consistent remote work opportunities over the years

Do you want to get in on the ground floor of companies that have been offering the best for their employees as far as remote careers go since 2014?

Several companies had to transition to remote operations in light of the coronavirus crisis but what about the companies who’ve already mastered work-from-home culture? We at Ladders teamed up with career experts at FlexJobs to highlight the 10 best companies consistently posting career-changing opportunities you don’t even have to leave the house for.

Better yet, these companies offer the most remote work opportunities in a variety of different fields ranging from IT to sales and marketing. If you’re interested in the full list of the top 100 companies to watch offering the best in telework check out the full study here.

1. ADP

ADP has been offering payroll and human resource support to 700,000 small businesses for over 70 years. This company has been around since 1949 and they’ve enhanced their services to be completely operational online. They are currently offering virtual opportunities for the following roles:

  • Senior Director of Product Planning ($250K salary)
  • Director of API and Integration Support ($250K salary)
  • Principal Infrastructure Architect for the Cloud ($250K salary)

The following listings require someone adept at data science to improve internal operations. You can apply for those listings and more on Ladders’ website here.

2. Anthem, Inc.

Anthem, Inc. is one of the largest health insurance providers in the United States covering over 73 million Americans. Coming in at number 2 for most telework available at their company this subsidiary of BlueCross BlueShield is looking to hire the following:

  • Developer Advisor ($150K salary)
  • Senior Lead Engineer ($200K salary)
  • Senior Security Information Advisor ($150K salary)

These roles will focus on digital solutions for product development and encourage applicants to have at least 7 years of experience in managing large projects with data-driven analysis to support products that will support profitable, realistic health coverage for clients in the marketplace. You can apply for any of these positions offered at this Fortune 500 company here.

3. CVS Health

CVS Health has been offering more virtual telehealth programs as of late and with that in mind, they’ve been hiring more IT professionals to keep up with those demands. CVS is known for bringing accessible affordable wellness plans for people of varying backgrounds. If you’d like to improve the virtual portals making healthcare easier than ever the following positions are open:

  • Senior Manager for Digital Quality Engineering ($250K salary)
  • Director of Data Science ($250K salary)
  • Solution Strategist Director ($250K salary)

Become a part of CVS Health’s team and apply here today.

4. Dell Technologies

My very first laptop was a Dell and while they still sell electronics their primary focus these days is to provide software solutions that enable their clients to maximize data storage, encrypt data for enhanced security, and organize massive amounts of data in a way that streamlines operations virtually via cloud technology. Yet another company looking to hire dynamic new team members with a demonstrated background in data science, sales, and digital marketing I highly recommend looking into the following openings available on Ladders’ website:

  • Technical Support Senior Engineer ($200K salary)
  • Senior Product Line Marketing Manager ($200K salary)
  • Security Program Manager for the Product Security Incident Response Team ($100K salary)

Apply directly for the aforementioned career postings here.

5. Humana, Inc.

Humana, Inc. is another health insurance company offering accessible solutions to wellness programs that even work with those on Medicare for subsidized medications and treatments. Humana is hiring teleworkers to enhance their virtual portals for managing the patient care from home with a more user-friendly interface and the following positions are up for grabs on our site:

  • Lead Software Engineer ($200K salary)
  • Senior Cloud Security Engineer ($150K salary)
  • Business Intelligence Engineer ($100K salary)

Send in your resume here if you have the core skills to shine in any of these positions.

6. Parexel

Parexel was initially founded to provide biopharmaceutical solutions to the public. They help researchers navigate the FDA drug approval process and have since developed 95% of our top 200 selling biopharmaceuticals on the current market. Current openings at this company include:

  • Senior Principal Statistical Programmer ($200K salary)
  • Platform Solutions Architect ($150K salary)
  • Software Validation Engineer ($100K salary)

Apply for any of these career-changing opportunities here.

7. Salesforce

Salesforce is searching for someone with experience in providing cloud-based solutions for companies looking to integrate advanced customer service modules in one simple virtual package. This enterprise package offers automated marketing tools, data analysis, and applications developed to aid in improving the customer experience based on your company’s unique metrics. Here are some open positions they posted recently:

  • Senior Director of Project Management for Cloud Monitoring ($250K salary)
  • Senior Manager for Business Value Services ($150K salary)
  • Senior Product Manager for Applied AI Research ($150K salary)

Join the team at Salesforce improving interpersonal client relations by sending in your resume here.

8. SAP America

SAP America‘s primary focus is offering software programs that facilitate business and client relations. Much like Salesforce, they intend to promote virtual solutions to enhance the customer experience in an evolving digital landscape. Recent job postings offered by SAP include:

  • Business Processes Consultant for Production Planning ($100K salary)
  • Senior Incident Responder ($100K salary)
  • Senior Consultant for Master Data Governance ($100K salary)

Jumpstart your career in IT-based solutions by applying on our website here.


The company TTEC offers a personalized touch to bridging consumer needs with technical solutions and brands that will enrich their customer’s lives. They offer around the clock customer service with their 24/7 call centers and digital software to enhance technical solutions to real-world problems for clients that struggle with IT literacy. The following opportunities just opened up on our site:

  • Salesforce Architect ($150K salary)
  • Senior Data Engineer ($150K salary)
  • Team Lead AWS Developer ($150K salary)

If you excel in both customer service and software solutions apply here.

10. UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group is another private insurance company offering more equitable solutions for people looking for health care coverage. In an attempt to usher wellness and health services into the new age they’re offering more digital options for patients to get the care they need, safely. UnitedHealth Group is bringing on a number of data analysts to discern patient trends and demands to provide the best coverage plans. Here are more listings available to apply your technical knowledge towards today:

  • Principal Data Analyst ($150K salary)
  • Data Scientist ($100K salary)
  • Senior Principal Consultant ($200K salary)

If you have what it takes to enhance health care proceedings as they stand today, apply here.

Good luck on your job hunt!