These companies are currently hiring in the 10 best cities for women in business

Women looking for a new job should most definitely take a look at the best cities for women in their industries, but one step further is to take a look at what those cities will look like over the next few years. A new study, done by telecommunications provider, looked at cities across the US and rated each to find out the best (and worst) cities for future women in business.

The study compiled data for each city based on six criteria that contribute to empowering successful women in business:

  • Women in executive positions
  • Female owned business
  • Future job growth
  • Population growth
  • The data was collected from the earliest and latest available years in the 2010s. The percentage trend increase or decrease deciphered how much progress a city had made over the last decade.

    Austin, Texas turned out to be the shining star of and was named the best up and coming city for women in business in 2030.

    Among the cities predicted to be the worst for future women in business were Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tucson, Arizona and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    Though San Antonio, Texas did not make the Top 10 cities list, it is set to be the first city to close the gender pay gap, given that it continues its positive trends. The research showed women in San Antonio currently earn 89.1% as a percentage of male earnings, which is an increase of 8.9% over the last decade. If earnings continue to increase at that rate, San Antonio will beat Baltimore as the first city to equalize earnings between men and women in the 2020s.

    “The US isn’t short of innovative, inspirational women who want to throw their talents into a business,” said Jason O’Brien, COO of “Our research looked to unearth how much progress has been made to elevate and empower these women, making business opportunities equal no matter your gender.”

    “Austin, Raleigh, and Portland may have performed most consistently over the six factors in our study, but a special mention must go to Louisville and San Diego,” O’Brien said. “They’ve done more to grow female owned businesses and women in executive positions than any other US city – two key metrics for progress within this industry.”

    Ladders took a look at these top 10 cities for future women in business and put together a list of $100K+ jobs currently open in each of them using data from its continuously updated database of high-paying jobs.

    1. Austin, Texas

    Austin, Texas is the best city for women starting out in business in the 2020s, according today from the last decade. The city was placed in the top 10 cities for four of the ranking factors. The only factor Austin was positioned outside the top 20 was the percentage of women in executive positions.

    • Percentage of women in executive positions: +1.83% (26th overall)
    • Female earnings as a percentage of male earnings: +1.5% (16th)
    • Percentage of female-owned businesses: +1.73% (2nd)
    • Future job growth: +46.97% (5th)
    • Population growth: +28.9% (2nd)
    • Economic growth: +63.625 (4th)

    Dell is currently hiring for 321 open positions in and around Austin, Texas, including a Services Channel Program Lead, a Senior Technical Account Manager, a Product Management Consultant, and a CyberSecurity Email Incident Response Advisor.

    2. Raleigh, North Carolina

    Raleigh, North Carolina claimed the Top 2 spots on the best cities for future women in the business list.

    • Percentage of women in executive positions: +3.42% (12th)
    • Percentage of female-owned businesses: +0.42% (20th)
    • Future job growth: +44.17% (11th)
    • Population growth: +22.46% (8th)
    • Economic growth: +56.22% (7th)/li>

    RTi, a is a nonprofit organization headquartered in the Research Triangle Park, is currently hiring for 99 open roles at its headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina. Open titles include Senior Research Public Health AnalystSenior Implementation Research Scientist, and Senior Newborn Screening and Genetics Laboratory Research Director

    3. Portland, Oregon

    Portland, ranking third on the list, had a score of 454.

    • Percentage of women in executive positions: +5.05% (3rd)
    • Female earnings as a percentage of male earnings: +6.7% (3rd)
    • Percentage of female-owned businesses: +0.13% (28th)
    • Future job growth: +42.39% (16th)
    • Population growth: +15.94% (16th)
    • Economic growth: +49.35% (13th)

    NIKE, Inc is currently hiring 169 new employees at its headquarters in the Portland metropolitan area, near Beaverton, Oregon. Open roles include a Global VAT Director, a Senior Software Engineer III, and a Senior Site Reliability Engineer.

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    4. San Diego, California

    At 1.87%, San Diego, California had the biggest increase in female-owned businesses.

    Qualcomm, an American multinational semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company, currently has 183 open roles in San Diego, California. At its headquarters, the company is currently hiring for a Validation and Emulation Engineer, a Senior Mixed-Signal Mask Layout Designer, and an Autonomous Driving SW Engineer.

    5. Seattle, Washington

    The tech hub of Seattle, Washington is ripe for possibilities for women in tech.

    Tech giant Microsoftwhich is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, a suburb of Seattle, is currently hiring for 354 open roles. Available positions at the headquarters include a Communications Director, a Software Development Engineer 2, and a Senior Software Developer.

    6. Fort Worth, Texas

    ECi Software Solutions is currently hiring for 9 jobs in Fort Worth, Texas. Open roles in Fort Worth include Vice President of Product ManagementAssociate Product ManagerLicense Compliance Manager, and a Cloud Site Reliability Engineer.

    7. Boston, Massachusetts

    There are currently 240 jobs available at Takeda, a   a Japanese multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company. Current open roles in Boston include a Brand Attorney, a Manager of Research Operations, and a Director of Pharmacovigilance Reporting, Analytics and Innovations.

    8. Charlotte, North Carolina

    Wells Fargo, the community-based financial services company, is looking to fill 533 open roles in Charlotte, North Carolina. Roles at Wells Fargo include a Financial Crimes Associate Manager, a Global Product Management Manager, and a Credit Risk Database Analyst.

    9. Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Level 3 Communications, an American multinational telecommunications and Internet service provider company, has 41 open positions in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Available roles include a Senior Specialist in Network Planning Engineering, an Associate Manager in Subcontracts, a Database Engineer, and a Full Stack Web Developer.

    10. Arlington, Virginia

    Amazon is currently hiring for 234 open roles in Arlington, Virginia. Current available positions include AWS Application Security EngineerTechnical Program Manager, Business Intelligence Engineer, and AV Support Engineer.