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TripAdvisor Careers, Jobs, and Salary Information

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TripAdvisor is a travel platform that helps travelers plan and book their trips. It provides reviews of travel-related content and includes interactive travel forums. The company operates through two segments: Hotel and Non-Hotel. The Hotel segment includes revenue generated from services related to hotels, including click-based and display-based advertising revenue from making hotel room nights, airline reservations, and cruise reservations available for price comparison and booking, as well as subscription-based products such as Business Listings, Transaction-based products such as Jetsetter and Tingo, and other revenue related to hotels. The Non-Hotel segment includes the aggregation of three operating segments consisting of its attractions, restaurants, and vacation Rentals businesses.

What are the highest paying jobs at TripAdvisor?

Highest paying job titles at TripAdvisor include Product Designer, Director, Product Management, and Product Manager


Market Cap$2.4 billion
Revenue$604 million
5 Year Trendarrow trend down-9.4%
Net Income-$289 million
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Total value of jobs:
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TripAdvisor Compensation

Product Designer



Average Compensation:$142,500

Director, Product Management



Average Compensation:$158,391

Product Manager



Average Compensation:$178,884

Vice President of Business Development



Average Compensation:$185,000

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