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FreedomPay is a company that provides payments platform as a service. It was founded in 2000 and is currently located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In early 2000, FreedomPay launched mobile payment "proof of concepts" with enterprises such as McDonald's, Bank of America and Visa. Later in 2004, FreedomPay delivered a closed loop payment system for stored value and voucher systems to the markets in the food service industry.

In 2007, FreedomPay developed a gateway for credit card processing that captures detailed transaction data. That data can be mined for real time intelligence from disparate systems allowing merchants insight into their sales. Using that data FreedomPay launched a cloud-based platform as a service and a first generation incentives platform. This platform gives merchants the ability to launch targeted incentives based on buying habits and delivers the ability to track the progress of incentives against live sales.

With the launch of the FreedomPay Commerce Platform in 2009, its customers can now deliver those incentives in real time to consumers’ mobile phones and enable mobile payments. All of this technology, is based on an open architecture and is protected by high-level security.

In 2013, FreedomPay was selected by Microsoft as its commerce platform partner for the global banking and retail sectors.
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