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Kaseya Network Monitor (KNM), previously called Intellipool Network Monitor (INM), is a network, server and performance monitor designed to monitor Windows, Linux, Unix and SNMP enabled devices. It is commercial software developed and sold by Intellipool AB, Sweden. Intellipool AB was acquired by Kaseya the 1st of May 2011. Previously Intellipool Network Monitor, now called Kaseya Network Monitor (KNM) is administrated through a web interface and is installed as a service on a computer running Windows 2000, XP or 2003. Features agentless monitoring of availability and collection of performance statistics from databases, applications, network equipment and servers such as: The term "agentless" refers to testing being done without the need to install software on the monitored system. While agentless testing was traditionally considered to be inferior to agent testing, development of many remote management and testing protocols such as WMI means agentless monitoring can provide the same detail as Agent based monitoring .

Highest paying job titles at Kaseya include Accounting Manager, Account Executive, and Sales Director


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Accounting Manager



Average Salary:$113,333

Account Executive



Average Salary:$97,000

Sales Director



Average Salary:$153,750

Senior Sales Engineer



Average Salary:$90,000

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