The H2Joe will be the dehydrated coffee addict’s new favorite item

I genuinely believe everyone has one good invention in them. Unfortunately, most of us rarely get the chance to share our earth-shattering practical additions to society with the public. For example, I accidentally invented skittles gum back in fourth grade; a whole year before the product officially hit shelves in 2006.

I hope fellow prodigies, Brett Moddy and John Anthony won’t be made to share in my misfortune of timing. The two are the Chicago based inventors behind the H2Joe. A reusable, water, coffee container hybrid.

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The leak-proof, polypropylene dream device is expected to crash land on the world in October of this year. Moody and Anthony have a Kickstarter going to ensure their goal. The team behind the aspiring game-changer were inspired by their own daily frustrations when they first conceived the H2joe.

Moody states: “For years, we’ve complained about having to fill two bottles each morning — one for coffee and one for water. Dorothy disliked having to juggle two bottles as she made her way out the door. I often forgot my water bottle altogether but had no problem refilling my coffee mug all day long. By the time I got home, I’d be caffeinated, dehydrated, and feeling guilty that I didn’t make the time to drink water.”

No one in the corporate world can be deaf to these sympathies. Considering 80% of Americans say they don’t drink enough water a day, a convenient incentive to carry it around easier is pretty nifty.

Little hacks that better equip us to meet daily nutritional requirements while making us more energized and productive can’t be overlooked.

Lugging a big cumbersome water bottle around is unwieldy enough on its own. But a bottle that can also safely bear our favorite morning jolt juice, while keeping it hot (for up to eight hours!) is a fair compromise. A compromise that additionally see us drink more water throughout the day.

Anything to needle the malaise that preys upon satisfying-productive days. Little things here and there that make the workforce sludge that much easier.

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