Here are the top places people fall asleep on the job

How many corners of the office is it possible to nap in? Recent research shows that people have gotten creative, whether they meant to or it happened accidentally.

Amerisleep surveyed more than 1,000 people via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk and revealed the most popular places respondents admitted they slept at work, broken down by industry.

Where people catch Z’s on the job

Desks, offices, meeting rooms — and even cars — are among the most popular places where people say they’ve caught up on their rest while at work.

While offices and “other” seem to be the least appealing spots for sleeping employees, meeting rooms and desks/cubicles are the most popular, especially among employees in finance, technology, government, and education. The car seems to fall in the middle in terms of popularity, most-often used by people in the medical field, education, and government.

But how do people feel about sleeping on the job overall?

The research also shows that among people who say they have done so, 34% have deemed it “unacceptable,” versus 46.4% who think it’s ok. But among people who say they haven’t ventured there, 79.3% think it’s “unacceptable,” while 11% think it isn’t a problem.

But while 21% of people said they’d been “caught” snoozing on the job, 49.7% said it went nowhere, compared to 11% who got a “written warning” and 35.3% who got a “verbal warning.” Just 4% said “other.”