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The Whole Human

6 ways volunteering benefits your health

Volunteering has definitely taken a backseat. There’s only so much time in a day, right? Well, reprioritizing a chunk of that time for others could work wonders for your health.


These are the 20 best trips to take if you have work burnout

If you can somehow find the time to get a week or two or even a few days to really check out and go somewhere you should consider one of the destinations on TripAdvisor's "Most Blissful Destinations For Wellness Travel." 


How to keep your mental health in check at the office

As I’ve grown in my professional career, I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t set boundaries, people will take as much as they absolutely can from you. Here are some ways I guard my time and stay sane in the startup world.


Your stressful office is making you hangry

Now, new research published Monday in the journal Emotion has found that it isn't just physiology that is making you hangry, but it is actually the emotional tone of the environment you are in. "You don't just become hungry and start lashing out at the universe," said the study's co-author, assistant professor Dr. Kristen Lindquist. "We find that feeling hangry happens when you feel unpleasantness due to hunger but interpret those feelings as strong emotions about other people or the situation you're in."

The Commute

7 signs your commute to work is wearing you down

Those lost hours are more than just a waste of time, though. They may have a detrimental impact on your physical and emotional health, not to mention your productivity and your relationships.


This tech company has the most burned out workers

Burnout at work is very common these days, but if you work at a tech company it seems to be amplified. And now we know which companies are emotionally exhausting their workers thanks to a new survey from workplace app Blind. The app asked its 11,487 users, many of whom work in Silicon Valley, if they were experiencing work burnout, and over half said yes. 

The Whole Human

How to win the biggest battle of all

To be at peace mentally and emotionally, we often need to be at peace spiritually. This means — we have to accept life for what it is, to acknowledge things at face value, then do our best to influence and impact how we want to change things so they will align with our truth — our vision and purpose. It is this vision and purpose that must guide us to win the battle within.


Study: Texting support to your partner can lower their stress levels

When our partner is stressed about work, we may worry about the best way to comfort them. Should we back off and give them space? Talk about it directly? Send them flowers? Turns out, it doesn't take elaborate gestures. You don't even have to be physically nearby or address the stress. A new study published in Computers in Human Behavior found that comfort can come from just a simple supportive text.

This study finds that men are more susceptible to Imposter Syndrome than we thought

It is believed that more women tend to experience Imposter Syndrome as a result of social conditioning. However in a new exploratory paper, published in Personality and Individual Differences, researchers found that more men may experience Imposter Syndrome, especially when amplified by stress.

The commute

Here are 5 commutes that are much stranger than yours

No matter if you buckle up and drive, grin-and-bear-it on public transport or hop on your bike to battle traffic on two wheels — the commute is a necessary evil for nearly professional. Let these true stories of wacky commutes propel you to reconsider on you’ll get to work tomorrow


Airlines are forecasting this to be the busiest summer travel season EVER

Got some upcoming work trips or vacations planned for the summer? Well, get ready because it is going to be super busy (which means more germs in the airport.) 


Study: People who work from home have more insomnia and back pain

When you work from home, you don't have to worry about your boss lurking over your shoulder, and you don't have to deal with noisy coworkers distracting you. The big downside? When you can work from anywhere, you could always be working. This is the stress that a new report from the International Labour Organization documents.

The Commute

The long commute: How long is too long and why

So how long is too long to get to work? The answer, research suggests, depends on factors besides length.

The Whole Human

The Ivy Lee Method: A 100-year old, 15-minute routine for stress-free productivity

The Ivy Lee Method is a simple, powerful strategy for stress-free productivity that highlights the importance of doing the most important thing first each day. It’s a reminder that fewer priorities lead to better work and performance. A reminder that simplicity helps to guide complex plans, behaviors and actions.


That nightmare you had may be the key to figuring out what is stressing you at work

Nightmares are rough. They are scary, disturbing and usually leave us with lots of questions about ourselves. They also can lead to major sleep deprivation. For people that suffer from true recurring nightmares they may try to avoid sleep in order to not have a nightmare which can take a major toll on both their mental and physical health. But it turns out, nightmares may have one perk. According to research, they can actually help you manage your stress better during the waking hours.


3 ways to stop panicking when you have a high-stress boss

We've all been there: your manager walks by and you panic. Your manager intimidates your while giving feedback...and you want to sink into the floor. You hope you don't have to make small talk with them in an elevator on your way out.

Mental Health

Doing this primal, animal-like ritual may help reduce your work stress

There are tons of tips out there on how to reduce stress. From meditation to exercise to a daily glass of wine, but perhaps the simplest one and arguably most effective one has been around since humans came into existence. Letting out a loud and long primal scream may be the way to reduce stress, according to research.

Office Life

These professions attract the highest number of psychopaths

One thing psychopaths tend to have in common is the careers they go for. For example, you're likely to find a lot of them in leadership positions because of their ruthlessness, charisma, and fearlessness. They're very good at making snap decisions, but not so good at the empathetic professions like nursing or therapy.


This is exact time the average American first curses each day

OnePoll surveyed 2,000 Americans and found that cursing is the main way people show "frustration," at 63%, followed by "yelling" at 49% and "crying" at 39%. People turn to music for stress relief most often at 50%.

Office Life

Survey: Millennials much more stressed than older colleagues

Stress does not get evenly distributed at work, a new survey of 4,500 people from the Mental Health Foundation has found. Turns out, age makes a significant difference in whether you find the workplace an oasis or a stressful nightmare.

Career Advice

Why you feel unsatisfied in your career (and how to solve it)

You have to be smart about identifying what’s holding you back, and how to equip yourself to transform your situation and build what you really want on the foundation of your current situation.


This is why you aren’t achieving success despite working super hard

Oftentimes, we find ourselves hitting a brick wall. We ask ourselves "Why do I work so hard but yet I don't achieve success?" Subsequently, we narrow our focus so intensely to achieve that goal till we eventually blind out all other opportunities and happenings that pass us by.

Work-Life Balance

After-work anxiety: Why we get stressed when we get home

Sometimes work is so busy that we don’t realize how stressed we are until we get home. Here's what to know so you can do something about it.


Study reveals the time of the year you might be the most stressed

Unless you live in a year round warm climate, winter is pretty rough for most of us However, a new surprising study finds that it is actually a different season that actually makes us more stressed.

Office Life

The 5 most stressful moments you might face in your career

Career experts detail the most stressful moments you might encounter throughout your trajectory, and tips on how to deal.