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Exercising too much can be bad for your mental health

Logic would seem to be that the more you workout the more your mental health would be in shape (and maybe your biceps too.) However, that isn't necessarily how it works. 


Trying too hard at work is not going to pay off, study finds

How hard should we try at work? Not too hard. Turns out, pouring your all into your work is not necessarily going to pay off in the end.

Mental Health

How to recharge at the airport while traveling solo

We can let the airport win and completely drain us, or we can adapt, recharge and change the typically trying experience into "me-time."


Delta is trying to make economy class bearable with champagne and fancy food

No matter how many technological breakthroughs we make, somehow being a passenger on a plane today in economy class is still just about the worst thing ever.

Mental Health

Backpacking could do wonders for your career (and mental health)

Not only does backpacking do great things for your physical health as you are carrying extra weight around as you move but also for your mental health.

According to Science

The 5 most impactful findings from National Geographic’s ‘Science of Sleep’ issue

Our sleep shortage affects our economy, productivity, and our health. Here are 5 things we learned from this month’s cover story.


6 enticing and scientifically-backed memory recall tactics you haven’t tried

While you may see a few improvements in your memory, most of what you’ve tried didn’t stick in the long run. Here are six ways you haven’t tried yet.


5 reasons why side hustles can benefit your mental health

Side hustles can provide a bunch of unexpected mental benefits. Here are a handful of ways your hustle can help you stay happy and healthy.

Job Search

The importance of ‘me time’ in your job search

“Me time” is a hot topic in this 24/7 digital era where you can literally work around the clock. When your “work” is your job search, you’re faced with the same possibilities of spending endless hours, perhaps without breaks, trying to scare up that next opportunity.


These are the industries with the most dissatisfied employees

Over 1,000 employees were surveyed about what frustrates them in their current careers and these were the top industries citing the most dissatisfaction. 


5 reasons to cook on a weeknight (especially after a stressful day!)

Here are five reasons why you should go full-blown Barefoot Contessa on a Tuesday.


Work’s a beach: How to teach your team to take PTO

We've come up with our own manager's manual for getting your team to take some much-needed time off. The key to all of this is to have a system in place where everyone is happy — YOU included!


These are the 10 most stressed cities in the U.S.

But where you live may be making it even worse.  WalletHub compared over 180 cities across 37 key metrics including average weekly work hours to debt load, crime rates, average hours of sleep per night to divorce and suicide rates. Here are the results of their findings.


Keeping calm under pressure according to a NASA flight director

NASA flight director Paul Hill explained his strategies for staying calm when his job stakes elevate, and his tactics can easily translate to other industries.

The Whole Human

FOBO is secretly ruining your life – here’s how to escape it

FOBO: the fear of better options. So how do you make the drawbacks of this decision fatigue disappear, you ask? It's easy.

Mental Health

This is why you may want to take a bath, instead of a shower, after a stressful day

Though showers have been proven to help relieve stress and even serve as your own personal think tank at times, those old baths are making a comeback it seems. Yes sometimes soaking in your filth is absolutely necessary it seems. A new study from the Japan Health and Research Center, Tokyo City University and Jichi Medical University found that there are a number of physical as well as mental health benefits from soaking in a tub daily. 


This CEO dropped everything and moved to Bali and it changed his life completely

It sounds like the plot of a movie. Super successful CEO has a great job but is feeling burned out and never get to see his family and friends because of his career success. So he decides to drop everything and move to Bali. But this isn't a movie plot. This is what Ben Feder, the entrepreneur behind Take Two Interactive and the now President of International Partnership for Chinese internet titan firm, Tencent did.


This is how to overcome social anxiety: 5 powerful tips backed by research

There’s a way to deal with fear and anxiety that neuroscientists, the ancient Stoics and mindfulness experts all agree on. And it’s not that hard. Let’s get to it…

Mental Health

Feeling stressed about the day when you wake up can hurt your memory, study says

A recent study in The Journals of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences revealed that thinking that you’re going to have a stressful day when you first peel your eyes open in the morning can wreak havoc on your "working memory."


“Productive paranoia: Lights, camera…anxiety!” Lessons from making 37 movies

"The best moment of a producer's life is the day they get the call that they got a film order." And after that, it is all problem-solving and productive paranoia.


How to have a successful summer vacation

Lots of people will take a vacation this summer, but for many of them, their vacations won’t be the relaxing, recuperative getaways they were hoping for.


Long work hours increase women’s risk of diabetes

If you work punishingly long hours, you may be physically fine now, but you are increasing your risk of not being fine in the future.


How to stop networking from making you feel like a tired zombie

Networking events can require a ton of preparation, but the other half of the battle is staying energized once you get there. Here are four ways to do so.


6 tips to help you enjoy a vacation without feeling guilty

We’ve rounded up six expert suggestions to help you set aside those sneaky feelings so they don’t sabotage your vacay. You’ll travel a lot lighter when you can leave your guilt at home and thoroughly enjoy your trip.

Office Life

Survey: Majority of work stress is coming from your terrible coworkers

Those petty coworker feuds and disagreements take a toll on our minds and bodies. One in four of us said we wanted to scream over this job stress.