Survey: Employees in these cities check in at work the most while on vacation

We already know that one-third of us work on vacation to actually enjoy it, and new findings show the cities with the most workers that still “check-in” during their time off.

New research from staffing firm Accountemps shows that these cities have the most workers that regroup with their employers “at least several times a week” while they’re on vacation: Miami, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Seattle and New York.

An independent research firm surveyed more than 2,800 employees within 28 American markets. Accountemps came up with the survey.

These workers don’t check on work while vacationing

The research found that these cities have the most workers who “don’t plan to check in at all while on vacation:” Denver, Cleveland, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia.

Michael Steinitz, executive director for Accountemps, commented on the research in a statement.

“Employees need time away from work to rest, relax and recharge. Yet for an increasing number of people, totally disconnecting from the office can have the reverse effect and add stress,” he said. “Some workers enjoy greater peace of mind when they allow themselves to check in a few times — but not much more than that — while on vacation. … Doing so confirms that all is well, which allows them to stop worrying and focus on relaxing instead.”

The data also shows that Los Angeles, Nashville, and Dallas have the most workers who don’t plan to take time off this summer.

How workers of different ages and genders fare on vacation

While the research found that workers “plan to take an average of nine vacation days this summer, down from 10 in 2017,” the infographic shows that workers 55 and older are most likely to not “check in at all” while off.