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Don’t let working from home wreck your career: 5 tips to stay connected when you work remotely

When we’re remote, we often are 'out of sight, out of mind.' Here's how to make sure that doesn't happen.


Suspect on the run from police stops into cellphone store to ask for job

A suspect fleeing police tried to duck officers by strolling into a cellphone store and asking about job openings, according to reports.


This woman was fired for having her period at work. Now she’s suing

A new workplace discrimination lawsuit is deciding whether or not women can be fired for menstruating on the job.

Office Life

Is it OK to wear shorts at work?

It's debate that comes up every summer. Is it OK to wear shorts to work? Some say no, some say yes. How comfortable is too comfortable at work?


7 secrets that will make you build good habits

Building good habits can be hard. Here are the top seven most effective secrets to sustaining successful habits.

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How to not take workplace disagreements personally

When someone at work says something that you think is wrong, you face a choice: speak up or bite your tongue and risk the feeling festering into resentment. Here's a better option.


A woman allegedly used company money to buy her pug a tuxedo. She got fired

If the thought has ever crossed your mind to sneak an extra few things onto your expense sheet, or use the company credit card for personal items — just this once — let this be a lesson to you.


This is how you can juggle your passion and your day job

We all know the story of creative people who work temp jobs waiting for a big break, but some people devote as much effort to their day job as they do their passion. Here's how the smart ones do it.


This is exactly how long your vacation needs to be for it to work

How long does it take for the stress of our workdays to melt away on vacation? A new study proposes an exact answer: eight days.


4 ways to stop your perfectionism from taking over your life

It takes you forever to complete tasks because everything just has to be perfect.


Here’s why enjoying yourself is the key to success

The science is clear: We accomplish our goals much more easily when we enjoy the process.

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This woman became a chocolate mogul after saying, ‘I quit’

Jessica Spaulding is the owner and driving force behind the Harlem Chocolate Factory. Ladders asked Spaulding about the decision to leave her day job for her hobby and what other people thinking about doing something similar can expect.


Workaholism: Is it an epidemic?

Is working beyond what can reasonably be expected an epidemic among on-the-job Americans?

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The 25 best cities for job seekers may surprise you

Certain states — or maybe just big cities — may come to mind when you think of the best place to score a job, but Glassdoor's newest list shows that a position suited for you just might be in a place you haven't given much thought.

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Study: This is the cost of keeping a secret

When you keep a secret at work, you're entering a vow of silence that will take more willpower than just keeping your mouth shut.


Feeling right makes us happier than feeling good, study finds

The key to happiness isn't sunshine and smiles. It's getting to express who we really are on a daily basis.

Technology at Work

4 ways to shut down your smartphone obsession

We already know that we're obsessed with our phones. But when it comes to how and when we use them, we ultimately have a choice.


No, you don’t need a personal brand

When it comes to career lingo, no phrase has gotten more buzz over the past several years than personal branding. You don't need it. Here's why.

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What a puppeteer can teach you about following your dreams

Julia Darden is a graduate of the University of Connecticut's BFA program in Puppetry. Ladders joined Julia at a marionette show to discuss the ins and outs of puppets as well as advice for people pursuing dream jobs such as hers.


7 secrets top athletes can teach you about being the best at anything

We’d all like to be better at what is most important to us. Top athletes and their coaches as well as the best sports research can reveal how to get there.

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Meet the legally blind street magician Justin Sight

Justin Sight is a legally blind magician. Ladders caught up with him in New York's Union Square. He offers advice for anyone chasing their dreams.

Job Search

7 reasons from recruiters why you didn’t get the job

Here's why you didn't get the position, according to recruiters and experts.


Grit: 13 things mentally strong people won’t do

Here are the 13 traits that characterize what those who are mentally strong won't do.

Gender at Work

This CEO dyes her hair brown to be taken seriously

Research shows that blonde and brunette women are treated differently at work. Eileen Carey, the CEO of Glassbreakers, shared that she dyes her blonde hair brunette and wears glasses to be taken more seriously.


5 ways to make sure that work isn’t your everything

There's nothing wrong with loving your job and going above and beyond to make sure that you do the best you can and meet your professional goals. But there's a difference between that and letting it completely take over every waking moment of your free time.