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A lot of things can impact your productivity at work — including what you eat. According to research, eating a vegan diet can actually boost your output.

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A worker at a car dealership was recently awarded more than $32,000 in compensation after her bosses didn’t invite her to monthly chow-downs events at the office, according to a report.

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HealthThis common health problem can put you at greater risk for Alzheimer’s

For healthy adults, their blood pressure rises in the daytime then decreases in the evening. Reverse dipping, which denotes the inverse of this process, can sometimes be an early indicator of cognitive decline.

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A new set of research just conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles has a suggestion for anyone looking to start eating healthier or lose some weight.

HealthCity living and psychopaths: The scary connection

In an attempt to explore the relationship between dark personality traits and the psychological construct of nature connectedness, the study examined how someone who prefers urban-dwelling might have a higher likelihood of exhibiting those psychopathic traits.