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The disconnect between Baby Boomers and Millennials when it comes to work ethic

Millennials have entered a professional world where their realities are wildly different from the ones Boomers knew. They prioritize things that don’t make sense to Boomers because their environment has different demands.

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This is the secret to improving your self-esteem

Stop lying to yourself that you’re so awesome.


3 ways self-sabotage is holding you back

Somewhere along the line, it was determined that self-sabotage is humorous. When we actually experience it, however, it can leave us feeling victimized.


10 things confident people won’t do

They don’t need constant praise.

The Whole Human

There are no ‘barriers to entry’ –  The only thing stopping you is you

No one is standing in your way. Remove the mental and emotional obstacles, and you’ll find yourself creating beautiful work.


The 37 most inspiring leadership quotes I know

No. 18: "When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it." – Henry Ford


This is why should you focus more on your top performers than your low ones

We naturally want to invest resources into helping underperforming employees, but sometimes, it can eat a disproportionate amount of time and energy.

The Commute

The states with the safest and most dangerous commutes

Commutes are a major part of our lives – we spend nearly 38,000 total hours driving – so, what are the best and worst states for drivers?


6 way to make the red-eye flight tolerable

If you’re rocking the red-eye, you may be worried about having a bummer of a time on that plane. But it doesn’t have to be tortuous.


7 female CEOs share advice on how to surround yourself with supportive women

Whether it’s a working mom creating a revolutionary hands-free breast pump, a strong founder leading the #MeToo movement, or a woman working to change access to much-needed feminine products, the camaraderie and support of other females make a huge difference in the success of many amazing ideas and companies.


This is how to raise emotionally intelligent kids: 5 secrets from research

What usually underlies bad behavior is how kids handle negative emotions. And this is something we rarely teach deliberately and almost never teach well.


60% of American homeowners say they don’t have a disaster plan

The fact people aren't prepared for a disaster is especially alarming, given what Hurricane Florence has already done in the Carolinas.

According to Science

Robots have the power to influence children’s decisions

"A discussion is required about whether protective measures ... should be in place that minimize the risk to children during social child-robot interaction."


How to write an out-of-office email that works

The added bonuses of humor can sweeten the out-of-office message, but ultimately, all you need to do is let people know that you are alive yet unreachable.


More employees would pick natural light over childcare when it comes to work perks

We set our internal clocks to natural light. The study demonstrates that natural light is more of a basic need, less of a fun perk.


Almost half of employees worldwide think they could do their job in 5 hours or less each day

The case is getting stronger for a shorter workweek. According to a global survey of nearly 3,000 employees across eight nations conducted by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated, 78% of full-time workers say it would take less than seven hours each day to do their job.

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Americans spend an average of nearly $3,000 annually on vices

Chances are, you also indulge in one of these vices from time to time — don't we all? But if you're a Gen Xer, you may be spending a little more.


Why it’s ok to be the cliché tourist

Some scoff at tourists posting the same photos or not having the authentic experience, but there’s nothing wrong with being a cliché tourist.


5 brands that will fix all your work wardrobe dilemmas for fall

There are a number of new lines (some that don't even have brick and mortar locations) that have incredible, quality-made options for the office.


How we can apply the lessons of the Fred Rogers documentary to our own careers

The new moving documentary on Fred Rogers worldview and career has lessons we can apply from the film to our own professional lives.


The average social security benefit does not cover basic living expenses: A state-by-state look

This visualization signals an ugly truth: Social security, on its own, hardly affords anyone a decent standard of living.

The Whole Human

Jessica Alba’s self-confidence hack might surprise you

The actress and entrepreneur sat down with Arianna Huffington and spoke about self-confidence, handling rejection and learning from failure.


6 reasons why a two-week vacation could be too long

"One of the biggest reasons not to take a two-week vacation is returning with a ton of stress because there is too much on your plate.


15 things I believe: Updated late 2018

Here are biased, but mostly evidence-based, opinions on management and life as we approach the final quarter of the year.


5 excellent ways you can crush negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can slow down your business and personal goals. Here is how you can turn them around and make them work for you.