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5 ways to help you work from home multiple days in a row

When you're not used to it, trying to work from home can be difficult. Here's how to adapt to remote work quickly without getting burnt out.


This is the city where the happiest people in America live

You may be surprised at what makes people happy.

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The biggest interview mistakes you can make are easily avoidable

Too many times, the equation to getting hired is filled with unseen elements that have nothing to do with your qualifications. A recent survey found that one of the biggest interview mistakes is a self-inflicted wound — your tardiness to the interview itself.

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What does it feel like to be fired from Google?

I feel qualified to answer this question because I was fired from Google this April, after five years working there.

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Four steps to simplifying your job search

When you’re looking for work, you have enough to worry about. Don’t make your job hunt more complicated than it needs to be — follow these four steps to start simplifying your job search.


Failure, empty advice and mentorship: We’re looking at it all wrong

No one gets it right the first time. But when the approach doesn’t work, it’s too harsh to call the outcome a “failure.” It was an honest attempt, and with each try, you move closer to the winning formula.


When to be a lone wolf or choose to work with the herd

We’ve all heard the career tropes about there being no “I” in team and similar. So how do you know when to stick with the rest or when it’s best to strike out on your own?


The signs and symptoms you may be a workaholic, and how to break the habit

We all take pride in our work, but some people find it difficult to draw a line between their professional and personal lives. Here are the signs that you might be a workaholic.


Millennial bosses overwhelmingly prefer ‘online messaging’ over face-to-face communication

Is your boss a millennial? If so, chances are, they prefer communicating with you online more than any other method.

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4 ways to help you impress a recruiter during a phone interview — even though they can’t see you

Just because the recruiter won't be able to see you doesn't mean you can totally let your guard down — in fact, you'll need to work even harder to impress them. Here are things you might not necessarily need to do for an in-person interview, but can be a big help when doing one over the phone.


The power of using an inclusion rider in your next employee contract

Frances McDormand's Oscar night inclusion rider shout-out sparked a national discussion on the little-known contract clause, and how it could be used to increase the representation of minorities in Hollywood and beyond.


Here are 10 tricks to appear smart in business meetings

Like everyone, appearing smart in meetings is my top priority. Here are my 10 favorite tricks to quickly appear smart during meetings.

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7 social media habits that disqualified candidates, according to hiring managers

What parts of your social media presence can determine whether or not you get the job?


How this senior tech exec stopped manning up and just started leading

She had to give herself permission to be her authentic self in her role.


Why acting like a lion will help you win at work — and why no one should want to be a goat

Many people have compared the corporate world to a Jungle. It can be scary at times. But the rewards of being the lion are worth it.


Why the theory behind SoulCycle’s newest workout should be applied to your career

This philosophy behind the newest offering from SoulCycle, SoulActivate, sounds like a good way to approach your work as well — just leave the spandex at home.


How smart people handle difficult people

Difficult people defy logic.


3 traits that explain why some managers are ineffective

These are some of the top bad manager traits.


This is what the best teams and families do: 3 rituals from research

What makes a team effective?


I failed my training exams. Is there any hope for my future now?

This is going to be a game-changer in your career.

How to deal with Daylight Saving Time — and what to look forward to

It's easy to have a love-hate relationship with Daylight Saving Time starting.


Study: A top promotion can double a woman’s chance of divorce

A woman's professional success may come at the cost of her marriage. When women got promoted to the top job in their field, it doubled their chances of a divorce. The same was not true for men being promoted.


How to focus at work when your mind is somewhere else

Ever find yourself in a situation where you get to work after a crazy morning, and just can't seem to snap out of your brain fog? Here are a few tips on how to focus when your mind is somewhere else.


This is why it’s a good idea to step out of the office and head outside

When the busy workday gets to be too much, some of us go outside for a much-needed breather to go look at the nature surrounding us.


Three female CEOs on what makes them tick

This week, fashion label Theory hosted a women's leadership event in New York City for Women's History Month as part of its "Be Heard" series. The discussion was a lively mix of the women's career journeys and their views on entrepreneurship, leadership and being a woman in business today.