Jonah Malin

Jonah Malin is a DC based content strategist writing about fitness, marketing, mindfulness, and culture. He is the founder of ColdPressed, a health and fitness publication on Medium.

Malin was selected as a top 50 writer in Health, Culture, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Inspiration, Productivity, and Finance and has written dozens of articles reaching 1,000-200,000 impressions. He focuses on the current state of our society, specializing in marketing, culture, entrepreneurship, and health and fitness.

Malin recently joined Beyond Definition, a creative and strategy agency located in Silver Spring, Maryland. He has a degree from DePaul University in Public Relations and Advertising. He has over four years of experience in copywriting, marketing, content creation, strategy, and execution with strengths in digital, print, and social deliverables. Check out his Ladders’ profile at: /expert/jonah-malin-0f6bdb