24% of us are checking our phones within a minute of waking up

There’s no rest for the weary, especially if you have a cell phone – which, of course you do. Do you also keep it in your bedroom at night? Do you use it as your alarm clock? (Raises hand.) Perhaps that’s why so many people are checking their phones less than a minute after they wake up, according to a new survey from Rootmetrics called “Lifestyles of Mobile Consumers.”

The survey asked 1,200 Americans about mobile technology and how it influenced their everyday lives. And of course, always ahead of the curve on any trend, a full third – 31% – of Millennials check their phones within a minute of waking up. (Only 9% of Baby Boomers wake n’ check – 21% may wait as long as an hour.)

And if you think you can surely wait longer than most, then perhaps you’re in the majority – nearly 60% checks their phones within 10 minutes after opening their eyes.

Other results from the survey:

  • Online Christmas shopping still takes place on a computer 41% of the time , but it’s shifting to the smartphone. 45% of people surveyed – and 52% of Millennials – plan to do their most of their shopping on their phones this year.
  • Now more than ever, phones are barely used for talking – if that function was cancelled, no one would miss it. About a third (34%) of people are texting most of the time, and another third (32%) mostly use their phone for social media. However, Millennials are more likely to use their phones mostly for social media (40%), while Boomers are more likely to use their phones mainly to chat over text (54%).
  • While a cell phone may or may not be able to save you in a crisis, 52% of women reported that they feel unsafe if they find themselves in an area with bad wifi connection, and an even larger number of Millennials – 67% – feel the same way. (We’ve already learned about smartphone separation anxiety; wifi separation anxiety is similar.)

Lessons learned? Well, we’re addicted to our phones, of course – but the nature of our addiction varies widely across different across age groups. Deloitte recently estimated we check our phones 52 times a day – but that seems low. Another study put it at 80 times a day, or every 12 minutes.

Regardless, maybe checking the phone before your feet hit the floor is the one habit to break in 2019, if you’re going to do just one thing. The first step is to buy a real alarm clock.