Is the job search pointless around the holidays?

The holiday season is not generally the time we look to switch jobs. But, you might be surprised at the benefits of searching for a job during the holidays. 

While it is true that hiring slows down during the holidays, it doesn’t mean it stops. 

Yes, hiring managers typically take time off of work. They travel to see family, leave early for a little Christmas shopping. Scheduling interviews can be trickier. 

But, there are several benefits to applying for new jobs around the holidays. 

Benefits of applying for jobs around the holidays

If you don’t stop your job search around the holidays, you could be making your job search just a bit easier. 

1: Your competition is sleeping

The same reason why some companies slow hiring during the holidays is also the reason why fewer candidates will apply for jobs.

As people are busy and thinking about other things, use this time to focus on your new job for 2021. With fewer resumes, yours stands a better chance of making it through the cut. 

2: Companies are still hiring

As I alluded to earlier, companies are still hiring during the holidays.

Keeping up to date with the latest job openings will give you the best chance at finding your perfect next opportunity. 

3: More flexibility with your start date

If you are hired on during the holidays, it might be easier for you to wiggle your way out of a start date that year.

Generally, new projects or initiatives don’t begin during the holiday season, and it would be nice to spend the holidays knowing that you get to start a new job next year. 

4: Companies want to lock in next year’s staff

If you manage to apply early enough in the holiday season, you could fit yourself into a convenient cycle where companies want to shore up their staffing needs as quickly as possible for next year.

This might mean that your application and interview will be processed faster and a decision made quicker than normal.

There is nothing like applying for a job, having an interview, and getting a job offer in the span of a week.

5: You could negotiate a higher salary

In general, most employers have a good idea for next year’s budget during the holidays. This means that they could be willing to give you more money if you ask for it toward the end of the year. And, boosting your salary when accepting the new position is very often your best chance at making the most money (rather than asking for a raise at a later point). 

Although hiring does slow down at many employers, it does not stop. The fact is most U.S. companies hire year-round, at least to some degree.

If you time it well enough and stay focused, it’s possible to use the holidays to get your dream job while your competition sleeps (or travels) amid all the holiday hustle and bustle. Don’t suspend your job hunt just because you don’t think companies are hiring. 

They are.