Here’s your 2020 comprehensive work-from-home gift guide

With the holidays right around the corner, many of us work from home and could use a few notable items. With Covid-19 cases continuing to rise, the work from home environment is here to stay. 

If you’re not currently working from home, chances are someone on your holiday gift list does. Instead of getting them something they will want to return, use this comprehensive work from home gift guide to get your remote worker the perfect gift!

Top gifts for your WFH gift list

Your work from home gift recipient had their regular work routine turned upside down this year, with many of their everyday comforts becoming a thing of the past. The typical Starbucks run, or water cooler conversation just isn’t the same in a home environment. 

Use these great gift ideas to add a little normality to the WFH worker in your life.

1. A standing desk

With many in the medical field calling “sitting is the new smoking,” the increased time we spend sitting at home can actually be detrimental to our health.

Using an adjustable standing desk, we can improve blood circulation while maintaining good posture and energy throughout the day. Standing desks range in price from $200 to a few thousand dollars, depending on the style. 

Keep in mind; a standing mat is a perfect complimentary item to a standing desk to make standing even more comfortable.

2. Single-cup coffee maker

Because the usual coffee run has taken a back seat to home-brewed coffee, many WFH employees struggle with making too much or not enough coffee each morning.

The single cup coffee makers have stepped up their game to ensure making the perfect cup of coffee is easily made from the comfort of your own home.

3. Temperature controlled smart coffee mug

Similar to the problem of brewing coffee at home, keeping our coffee at the perfect temperature can be challenging. Luckily, several retailers online make temperature-controlled smart coffee mugs that will keep your coffee to the ideal temperature until the very last drop—the perfect item for anyone on your WFH gift list.

4. An ergonomic office chair

Office chairs are notoriously expensive, and many of us elect to forgo the cost.

Unfortunately, the wrong chair can lead to bad posture, which leads to back and sleeping problems. An ergonomic office chair will cost you some money, but the health benefits will outweigh the costs in the long run.

5. An upgraded webcam

Most WFH employees conduct multiple meetings a day with the webcam installed on their laptops or desktop computers. These basic webcams are often pixelated and slow compared to an aftermarket webcam that plugs into a USB port. 

An upgraded webcam is the perfect gift to ensure the work from home employees can put their best face forward in the clearest possible way.

6. A curved widescreen computer monitor

Depending on their currency setup, many employees are working off the laptops provided by their employers.

Increasing the size of the display is not only easier on the eyes, but it’s also beneficial to productivity.

Large curved monitors allow for multiple windows to be opened at a time, which can increase productivity.

7. External keyboard and mouse

Many employees are utilizing laptops, typing on a laptop keyboard, and using the onboard mouse to be cumbersome. 

For less than $100, an external keyboard and optical mouse can be installed on the laptop with a USB cable to create a more comfortable workspace for your WFH employee. 

For bonus points, look at an ergonomic keyboard and mouse combination.

8. A meal subscription service

Because many people are fearful of restaurants due to the current pandemic, many of us are attempting to learn how to cook from home.

Some have had more success than others, especially with the rise of meal subscription services such as Hello Fresh and eMeals. 

Paying for a meal subscription service is an excellent gift for your WFH list!

9. A headset and mic

Because the onboard computer mic and audio are usually average at best, a wireless headset and mic is the perfect way to improve your WFH employee’s audio.

10. Easy to keep alive office plants

If we’re honest, our home office could use a little life to it. With the help of a few low maintenance desk plants, we can turn our home office into a much more inviting place. Small succulents and other low water plants can make perfect work from home office gifts this holiday season.

When searching for the perfect gift this holiday season, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. With many of us working exclusively from home, it’s crucial to create an inviting and instrumental environment in increasing our productivity. 

Chose one of these great gifts to get your WFH employee the perfect gift this holiday season!