Saying these 2 phrases during a Zoom meeting is a major power move

A single phrase uttered in a Zoom meeting can change the atmosphere of the virtual environment for better or for worse.

Power moves can take control of a situation by asserting dominance and establishing your position on any given subject.

Exhibiting leadership qualities at all levels is essential to achieving goals with the least amount of effort. In addition to accomplishing goals, power moves can inspire and motivate others to move in a certain direction. The spoken word has more power than many of us realize, similar to the concept that the pen is mightier than the sword.

A power move for leading a team or changing opinions

There are two power move phrases you can use depending on your current goal and position within the Zoom meeting. If you are leading a meeting with coworkers or attempting to influence action or a certain direction, we have a phrase that will turn heads and require a response.

Power phrases vary depending on the options available to a team, but generally, the shorter the power phrase, the more powerful the statement will be.

Use this phrase as a major power move to require action in a Zoom meeting

  1. “Your choice is between action and inaction”

If you are discussing different ideas or attempting to create movement in a certain direction, the phrase: “Your choice is between action and inaction” clearly establishes your position and dominance of the situation. By using this statement, you put the ball in the court of the other member, yet clearly define your position on the subject.

A power move for influencing leadership or clients

If your goal is to move up at work and show you are the best candidate for the position, using a power move tactfully can work beautifully. While some people prefer a servant and submissive attitude when dealing with leadership, others have found power moves can be a great way to establish themselves as competent and experts in their field.

  1. “What you need and what I can deliver is a strong match because…”

Keep in mind that using a phrase like this in a Zoom meeting can be dangerous if you do not have the skills and ability to back it up. If you are the best fit for a position, be sure to show them why. This phrase gives you the ability to showcase your passion and credibility for what you offer and how you and the leadership or client can benefit from your involvement.

Power moves are all about timing

If you find the need to use one of these phrases to take control of a situation, be aware of your timing. If your timing is poor, you can come across as boastful or cocky, which may not provide the desired results.

Bonus Zoom meeting power words

To draw people in and stimulate thought and potential action, there are three additional words you can use to achieve these desired actions

1. ‘Imagine’

Starting a sentence with the word “imagine” can cause people to lower their guard or natural objections to what they view as real world problems. “Imagine” allows the conversation to enter a fantasy type thought pattern that can draw certain real world conclusions.

2. ‘You’

Using the word “you” directly speaks to the receiver and can create a feeling of personalized communication. Rather than speaking in generalities when addressing a group, make it more personal with the power word “you.”

3. ‘Because’

Using “because” to explain yourself allows people to understand the “why.” Often the why of a direction is much more important than the direction itself. For example, “We are going to start developing X product, because there is $1,000,000 of untapped market demand we can meet.”

Be sure to take advantage of major power moves in your next Zoom meeting to invoke action and make a positive shift in the direction of the session.