5 valuable skills you need to adopt now to prepare for the new normal

The world is struggling to adapt to the new normal amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With many businesses closing their doors forever, understanding how to succeed in our new normal is essential. Most individuals are merely surviving, but there is another group of people who are thriving.

Those who have success during the pandemic have taken on a few essential skills that have helped them grow.

Experts agree that the existence of COVID-19 will be with us for a while, even if a vaccine is dispersed. Catherine Troisi, Ph.D., an associate professor of epidemiology at UTHealth School of Public Health, recently stated, “We are not going to flip a switch, and everything goes back to the way things were.

I think we’re going to have a gradual reopening of life, but this will require good monitoring.”

Even if there is a cure, most people will not survive if they refuse to learn new skills hoping everything goes back to the way it was. Physical distancing will still be the best protection against COVID-19, according to Michael Change, MD, an infectious disease expert at McGovern Medical School. 

With mounting evidence that our new normal is here to stay, these essential skills will help you not only survive but thrive in the post-COVID world.

Digital and technological skills

A willingness to develop digital skills will be highly sought after by potential employers as technology reliance continues to grow. A 2019 CBI report found 99% of businesses believe they will need employees with more advanced digital skills in the next five years.

Since most jobs currently require some level of digital skills, whether it be computer programing, data literacy, or other IT support, proficiency in technological skills will continue to be highly sought after.


Leaders can inspire change and encourage adaptivity and creativity among those they lead. In the new normal of constantly changing environments and economies, leadership is a skill many employers are seeking. 

People who have overcome obstacles that have come with the pandemic quickly are being rewarded for their leadership.

Even though formal leadership will always be valuable, informal leaders and mentors can help keep companies afloat. Expect to see leadership skills increasingly sought in the new normal.


As remote work environments continue to flourish, communication is becoming more difficult. Leadership and communication skills work hand in hand to achieve results in the new normal.

Information can be easily confused and misconstrued as we rely more heavily on email and written communications. Skills in writing and oral communication are even more important now in our new normal.


Adapting to a constantly changing work environment and being flexible in an uncertain world is increasingly vital for companies.

Those who are willing to embrace change and keep an open mind related to their job duties will be rewarded in the long run. 


In some situations, the old way of doing things has quickly shown to be ineffective in surviving during the pandemic. Employees and leaders who have been able to focus on their creativity have seen increases in workplace efficiency. 

Workplace changes, such as an increase in remote and off-site work environments, have shown companies how a flexible work environment can increase productivity.

Looking at situations with a creative mind and out of the box thinking is a skill that is worth learning in our new normal.